Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Secret Circle Trailer and L.J. Smith Challenge

I am pretty excited by the shows picked up for this fall TV season. I'll be highlighting the ones I'm looking forward to most on Intimate Strangers this week, but you have to know I'm really looking forward to The Secret Circle.

Along with The Vampire Diaries and her other series, I read The Secret Circle books years ago and loved them. Since Kevin Williamson was brought on board to help with the pilot of this show, I'm hopeful because I've really enjoyed The Vampire Diaries show (even though it has strayed far from the books).

And let's face it, I loved these books, but they undoubtedly retain the flavor of the 90s. Even so I decided I wanted to try to reread them before the show starts in the fall and revive the L.J. Smith challenge. So this is just a light summer challenge for anyone interested in reading the books before the show starts. Just fill out the form below and let me know if you plan to join in and I'll add your name to a participants list. I'll put up a link up post to link your reviews to. Since The Vampire Diaries and The Secret Circle will be on the same night this fall (Thursday), I hope to recap both shows as well.

I'm also posting the extended trailer to get you excited. It's six minutes long and basically spoils the plot of the pilot I think, but it should also get you excited! A few things of note: the coven has been reduced to only 6 members, it takes place in Washington instead of New Salem :(, no people of color to be found??? Hopefully this will be remedied quickly, yes that's an Arcade Fire song during part of the trailer.


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