Friday, May 20, 2011

Fun Book Stuff

Something a little lighter today. Stolen from Rachel Held Evans.

Can you name…

1. A book you threw across the room in anger
2. A book in which you underlined nearly every sentence.
3. A book you were surprised to love.
4. A book you can’t wait to read.

1) Actually, no. I can't remember the last time a book made me angry. I tend to not read things I know will really bug me and lately I give up anything that doesn't hold my attention. My relationship to books is much different than something like television where I have no idea what I'll be in for week to week. I'm feeling kind of sad about this at the moment, like maybe I should be having stronger emotional reactions to books, besides weeping which is definitely a reaction I have to certain books. I remember seeing people say they threw Mockingjay across the room but I loved that book fiercely. Maybe I'm not critical enough of a reader? Maybe I'm reading too passively? I don't know.

2) The most recent book in which I have done a lot of underlining, which has led to me not reviewing the book in a timely fashion is Naked Spirituality by Brian McLaren. Lots of wisdom, lots of "sit up and take notice of your life, Amy" moments while reading this book. Also, I should note I NEVER underline in books (and recently paperbackswap members have been sending me books with lots of underlining.) so it's kind of remarkable that I did in this one, but it was an ARC so for some reason I felt much more free to do so.

3) I read The Pirate Queenby Patricia Hickman earlier this year and was really surprised by how much I loved it. I expected it to be sort of an average read, but instead it was really lovely and thoughtful. This question is harder for me to answer because lately I'm really picky about what I read. Oh! I remember I was surprised by how much I loved The Host by Stephenie Meyer. That was a few years ago now, though.

4) OH SO MANY. One I'm really really looking forward to is Dancing on Glass by Pamela Ewen.

I hope you'll answer in comments or on your own blog and drop the link in comments!


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