Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Cool Stuff

Working on a review of Jennifer Brown's Bitter End (love) and a response of my own to that mess of NYT fail, but in the mean time....

Nerds Heart YA Shortlists and Brackets have been announced. Not gonna lie, I looked at those books and thought, how am I ever going to read all of those? I love this tournament for bringing much needed light to books that otherwise don't get a lot of recognition. Anyway, I actually have several of those, so I'll be trying to squeeze them in with my other reading obligations. Do yourself a favor and do the same? And also Jodie deserves a huge shout-out for being an incredible organizer. I'm one of her biggest fans even though I failed in helping this year. :(

If YA lit is not your thing, but faith based lit is, then I'm glad to tell you the INSPYs nominations are now open. Please keep in mind we are on the hunt for excellent literature that grapples with elements of the Christian faith. I know you've read some, this is NOT exclusive to Christian fiction so please don't be scared to nominate your favorite general market books. We need your help in finding the best and getting the word out there.

Also, this is my favorite time of year in TV land where all the networks present their fall line-ups to the advertisers and try to make them sound like the best thing ever so they can sell big advertising packages. This has been, IMO, one of the worst TV seasons ever from the lack of great new original programming (of the 4 broadcast networks, I only picked up one new show) and the destruction of shows I used to love (Gossip Girl and Bones most notably). Next year does look pretty incredible, so I'm hopeful. And yes I plan on watching the ridiculous looking Teen Wolf and Falling Skies to get me through summer along with, sob, The Closer's final season.

But The Secret Circle is definitely going to be on next year so I'm thinking of reviving the L.J. Smith challenge. I might even recap it along with The Vampire Diaries (I wonder if they'll be on the same night?) Thoughts? Would anyone join?


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