Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Vampire Diaries Discussion: 2.19 Klaus

So we finally meet Klaus in the flesh! And he's...kind of boring. But that's just me.

Let's talk instead about the true love of my life...ELIJAH. In real vampire life, Elijah probably would have grabbed Elena and fed on her without thinking, but since this is just a vampire TV show, he did not. And he still helped her because he just wants to kill Klaus, who is, it turns out, his brother! This show is full of surprises. Which leads me to my favorite surprise...

THE AZTEC CURSE IS FAKE. Thank the gods. Seriously, that never made sense to me, so I'm glad they cleared things up and that in reality Klaus really just wants to continue his long loveless life and create a new breed of vampire/werewolf creatures who will rule the earth and destroy all mankind. Just a minor problem, I'm sure it eased Elena's burden to learn this. Elijah thinks they can kill Klaus and not kill Bonnie at the same time.

Jenna knows the truth! I was moved by this discussion and revelation, I can only imagine how alone Jenna felt being the only one who didn't know and feeling like the children were trying to protect her. I think having her in the know is really going to help things, and also it was getting ridiculous.

Damon and yeah that last scene was brutal. I actually thought Damon might kill her and it was just really icky to watch. Andi was so completely lifeless the whole time as well, I hope she stays away. I was kind of relieved that Stefan gave Damon a hard time for his treatment of her.

Stefan and Damon fought over Elena. Oh boys, I love you best when you work together but I know there's a lot of HISTORY. Meanwhile, Elena was off solving her own problem, go Elena!

Overall, a fun show but is was sorely lacking in Caroline, Bonnie, and Tyler. And I guess Alaric is not actually dead, which was an interesting surprise.

Your thoughts?


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