Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Vampire Diaries Discussion: 2.18 The Last Dance

Um, wow. Another action packed show tonight! Warmed up my little Damon/Bonnie loving heart when she smacked him good in the beginning...will they ever happen? Guess not based on Damon's 1,000,000th declaration of love to Elena at the end. I'm getting ahead of myself! Let's discuss a few key points.

So Bonnie is super strong and has the ability to kill Klaus, but...because Klaus was possessing Alaric, they let all their secrets out. He planned to try to kill Bonnie and attacked Jeremy but my Salvatore boys are no dummies and quickly figured it out. Meanwhile, Bonnie has had to say a million times that this is a sacrifice she's willing to make. I found the scenes between her and Elena really touching. It was nice to see two girls having this conversation instead of Stefan or Damon saying for the millionth time that they are going to protect Elena at all costs. Glad Jeremy actually mentioned that he knows he has a bad track with girlfriends and I was crossing my fingers this wasn't some kind of foreshadowing...and well it might have been but even while it appeared Bonnie died, she didn't! I was pretty sure it was a spell she cast on herself, since they didn't show us the convo between her and Damon, but I still was really touched by the scene and the dramatic music and I felt for Elena. But yay, Bonnie isn't dead!

Elena revives Elijah
Okay so I was really excited about this because I enjoy Elijah and all the reasons why were confirmed in the preview. :) I also like that Elena is making a choice for herself...I'm getting tired of her being the ultimate damsel in distress and I'm hopeful that she'll be allowed to make some smart choices that save them.

I still would like to see a Damon/Bonnie relationship because I think Damon needs to be with a girl who's strong and can hold her own. And in my opinion that's Bonnie (or Katherine). And well, they have mad chemistry. And while I'm enjoying Jeremy with Bonnie, he needs to trust her power and ability to make decisions for herself. But I'll probably never get to see Damon/Bonnie because he is hopelessly in love with Elena. He will always choose her. Sigh. But I know this triangle is the fuel of the show and it's fine with me, I really watch it for the fun plot.

I HATED what happened last week with Matt. Hated! I don't like Matt and now I like him even less. Caroline is my favorite and I hate seeing her be deceived by someone she loves. I want Tyler back.

How did you feel about tonight? Looking forward to the arrival of the real Klaus?


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