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Interview with Christina Boys, Editor at FaithWords

In order to help readers and potential readers of Christian fiction understand and get to know the different publishing houses of Christian fiction and their purpose and mission, I have requested interviews with the editors and publishers of fiction at many different houses. I am so excited to share these interviews with all of you and I think it will increase our understanding and make our conversations more productive. I hope you find it a valuable resource!


Christina prefaced her answers with this:
The questions you asked are quite thought provoking, but can also be a challenge to answer. People form strong opinions about what constitutes “edgy,” “profanity,” or “literary” that may differ from the definitions others give those words. Similarly, authors come from different viewpoints, and what is appropriate in the context of one novel, genre, or from one author, may be inappropriate in or from another. What is universal is our intent to enlighten, enrich, and entertain a broad range of readers, and to reinforce and reflect their Christian faith.

What genres do you publish?

Women’s fiction, romance, Amish, general fiction, humorous fiction, romantic suspense.

Does your publishing company have a mission statement?

FaithWords purpose is to publish engaging and relevant books for the inspirational market.

Do your books have a strong faith message?

Yes, though the messages in some of our novels may sometimes be subtle and more organic to the plot of the novel.

Is profanity ever acceptable in your fiction?

No, what the majority of people would consider profanity is not in our fiction.

Do you publish books that are considered by the market to be edgy?

I think that we are forward-thinking in terms of our fiction. The characters in our novels might deal with controversial issues from a Christian perspective that challenges their faith, just as life can present those same challenges. We recently published HIS OTHER WIFE by Deborah Bedford in which a divorced mother must learn to get along with her husband’s new wife—the woman he left her for—for the sake of her son. We also seek to publish books that reflect the current interests of readers. For instance, this fall we’ll publish KISS OF NIGHT by Debbie ViguiĆ©, the first in a Christian vampire series. Debbie has done a brilliant job of creating a biblically-based explanation for the existence of vampires that will appeal to Christian readers who are fans of secular vampire series.

What is your approach to literary fiction?

Most of our books would be classified as commercial fiction rather than literary fiction.

Who do you see as your primary audience?

We seek to publish books for adult Christian readers, primarily women as they tend to buy the most fiction. Some of our authors are also reaching mainstream readers who do not identify themselves as readers of “Christian fiction.”

What are some of the books you have published that epitomize your mission?

ONE PERFECT DAY by Lauraine Snelling is a beautiful novel that deals with grief and hope and faith that has touched many readers in a deeply personal way. It’s the story of two mothers, one of whom loses a child unexpectedly, but because that child was an organ donor, another mother’s daughter is saved.
CHASING LILACS by Carla Stewart is a brilliant first novel about a teenage girl coming of age in the 1950s that was just named a finalist for the Oklahoma Book Award for Fiction. It has a lovely, nostalgic tone both in terms of the setting and in the recollection of what it was like to be young and discovering love and loss and the encroaching world of adulthood.

Do you welcome feedback from readers and if so what is the best method for readers to give your their feedback?

Yes, we’re always delighted to hear from readers. We have a website:, and are on Facebook: FaithWords and Twitter @FaithWords.

Thanks Christina!

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