Friday, March 25, 2011

Faith and Fiction Saturday: What do you feel are Taboo Subjects in Christian Fiction?

We've talked a lot about how we'd like our fiction to more accurately reflect life as we know it, to not preach but express truth and I'm wondering if you feel there are some subjects or issues that you'd be surprised to find in Christian fiction.

I do feel that Christian fiction explores more and more subjects that may have previously been considered taboo. This isn't really a complaining session but a chance for us to brainstorm some things we'd love to see tackled and suspect aren't due the sensitive nature of the subject matter, and perhaps a failure on the part of the subculture overall to really engage in conversation on these topics.

This could be a great chance for authors to get ideas. :)

Also I recognize that Christian fiction is a smaller market so we'll get less books on any subject matter.

Here are a few I can think of:
Mental Illness--definitely there are some books about this, but I'd love to see more and more variety.
Sexuality--I'd love to see sexuality dealt with more realistically and not just from the perspective of someone waiting until marriage.
LGBT Issues--Christians actually do have varying opinions on this, but usually LGBT characters are shut out or relegated to supporting character status
Patriotism vs. Faith--Ah so this is a pet topic but man would I love to see one explored in more depth

Would love to hear yours...don't be shy!


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