Thursday, February 10, 2011

Vampire Diaries Recap and Discussion Episode 2.14 Crying Wolf

Sorry to have missed last week, I was feeling a bit under the weather and not really able to blog. But I'm back and I have to say that once again I've really enjoyed the last couple of episodes.

Aw werewolves. You show up all ferocious, but the witches and ancient vamps kill you so quickly! Best just to stay away, I think.

Elena and Stefan
In the past, I've been nothing but bored by this couple, but tonight I found myself enjoying a new dynamic between them. First--facing the future. Yes, please, let's talk about how they don't really have one. Secondly, Stefan calling out Elena on her martyr ways. YES, thank you. I have to say I also like that Elena isn't helpless. Even though she's the girl who's mortal that everyone wants to kill, she fights for herself and she's quick and clever on her feet. It's cool to see these sides of Elena come out and gives me hope she won't roll over dead for Klaus. And I like it when Stefan tells like it is.

Caroline and Matt and Tyler
One of the most unexpected developments for me this year is my fondness for Tyler. So the end gutted me, but I hope he's not gone forever. I was a huge Tyler/Caroline fan (but I'm also a Stefan/Caroline fan go figure!) and I'm sorry to see that won't be happening anytime soon. Matt needs to be given some kind of substantial role here soon, though. I'm curious to see how things will be explained.

Bonnie and Jeremy
Yay! That was a pretty hot kiss! I'm glad Caroline finally talked Bonnie into not judging and let's hope this doesn't mean instant death for Bonnie. And how cool to see Bonnie exact her revenge on Luka. I like Bonnie and Jeremy together for now (though I wouldn't mind Bonnie/Damon) because they seem to have fun together.

I still love Damon and would be very happy to see this character allowed to have some peace and love. Instead, he's always getting beat up.

Your thoughts on the episode? Looks like we get more flashbacks next week...woo-hoo!


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