Monday, February 7, 2011

A Cover Trend I Enjoy

When it comes to cover trends I have to admit that most of them make me groan. We all know how I feel about the bright smiling white woman cover trend of Christian fiction, but I'm also over the hands cupped and holding something forward trend (think Twilight) as well. While these generally make lovely covers they are quickly forgettable because so many other books look exactly the same. Which may work for the average reader, but not for me, friends.

I have to say I do love the fancy historical dress trend. Perhaps it's because I could never wear such dresses, or because they are just so pretty! For example, I love this one:

Bolton Hill

I think I love this one so much because it's just so danged pretty and she seems so graceful and kind of wistful and you want to know what she's thinking and who she is. The Lady of Bolton Hill by Elizabeth Camden will be available in June.

Recently I saw this one and fell in love with it as well:

Call me crazy but I just love this one! I love that she's running and in motion and this suggests either a kind of carefree attitude despite her fine dress or perhaps there's something she's moving towards or away from with urgency. Along with the title and the fact that I enjoyed the author's first book, I'm definitely looking forward to Forgiven by Janet Fox in June.

So I have been DYING for bits of news on Tamera Alexander's newest series and every time I get a scrap of information I refrain from posting. You should thank me. Recently she posted the cover for the first book in her next series and it definitely has the dress. Also, more face than I like, but it's TAMERA ALEXANDER. It will be awesome no matter what. The book is call A Lasting Impression and the series is apparently, Belmont Mansion. How exciting! It sounds totally different from Timber Ridge Reflections. Even though we don't have any actual copy yet.

A Lasting Impression

So am I alone in my love for covers that show pretty dresses I'd never enjoy wearing? Are there any cover trends you enjoy?


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