Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Vampire Diaries Recap and Discussion: 2.11 By the Light of the Moon

Quick apology for missing the last two episodes of recaps I've been swamped but I'm back! Yay Vampire Diaries.

So tonight's episode was the fall finale (this new fangled concept in TV) and it was pretty awesome. In fact, I loved it. Let's recap!

So last episode Stefan got locked in the tomb with Katherine, Elena met face to face with Elijah and lived even though she was trying to sacrifice herself, Tyler watched Mason's first painful transformation and Bonnie used up Luka's power and turned down Jeremy.

Tonight, things got interesting. Katherine, of course, toyed with Stefan's mind while they were trapped in the tomb together and Stefan turned down blood, I guess to torture Katherine.

Bonnie put a spell on Elena's house to keep her trapped in. This really bugged me, because even though Elena wasn't trustworthy, it seemed awful to trap her in that house. And besides, it turns out Bonnie didn't make the wisest of decisions either! I knew that Luka couldn't be trusted. I mean they had all those stolen spellbooks! That should have been her first clue.

Mason's friend Jules shows up looking for Mason. Somehow, she manages to see Tyler watching Mason's transformation. Damon and Alaric (yay!) decide to try to figure out what she's all about and trick with her wolfsbane. Of course she's not really into that and figures them out. Finally she calls Damon out on the spiked drink and tells him he's been marked.

I think Michael Trevino, Tyler, deserves some recognition for his acting out that painful transformation into a wolf. I read he abandoned chocolate chip cookies in preparation for his shirtless scene! Caroline showing him a great deal of tenderness and support stayed with him for as long as she could and then she left. But he remained trapped. I have to admit that I'm sort of rooting for this couple. But really, I just love Caroline and will probably love her with whatever guy she ends up with. This was a riveting, emotional scene which also kept me on the edge of my seat uncertain what would happen.

Jules, however, seemed to have no problem being a wild and free wolf and broke into the Salvatore house. She did not bite Damon, however, but Rose. Rose's wound quickly cleared up and the two vampires seemed puzzled by the fact that it didn't kill her...until a little later when they discovered that in fact, something is very wrong.

And last but not least, someone needs to clue Aunt Jenna in so she stops inviting every vampire into the house! In this case, it seems okay..Elena strikes a deal with Elijah, who remains a very scary vampire to me. I sort of loved Elena again tonight which I haven't for awhile, I thought it was so cute when she shoved Jeremy onto the floor and courageous of her to strike a deal with Elijah. One that works for the show, too, since it gives them some breathing room while she "lives her life" and Elijah figures out how to draw Klaus in. She negotiated Stefan's release, but not Katherine's--we saw Katherine with real fear for the first time. :( Even Stefan and Elena's reunion was sweet to me...

So I loved it! Now, I watched the preview for the next episode and I'm very excited! I won't say anything though for those who didn't.

What did you think?

In other news, did you know that they're working on a potential spin-off? The spin-off would be about a group that monitors supernatural activity. I would, of course, watch it since I have a very steady diet of the CW. And I was last to know, but The Secret Circle, another trilogy by L.J. Smith is in development as a series. I'm ridiculously excited about that because I love that series. More on that later.

Tell me your thoughts on the episode! What do you think will happen to Rose? Will Luka continue to help Bonnie while lying to her? Will Caroline and Tyler hook up? Do tell me your thoughts!


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