Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas!! (and a few last reviews)

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all of my beloved readers who celebrate. I hope this Christmas is a time of joy and delight in the ones you love and who love you. I hope you find everything your heart desires under your tree, and that you indulge in the goodies of the season. Mostly I hope that hope itself is a resident in your hearts and homes.

To all, including those who don't celebrate the winter holidays in some form, I hope that goodness, love, and joy decorate your steps as we bring this year to a close.

I'll be back on Monday to share with you a look at the year as I experienced it through blogs, music, movies, TV, and of course books. For now, here a couple more reviews of Christmas children's books to enjoy in these final days of the season.

Santa's Last Present by Marie-Aude Murail and Elvire Murail, illustrated by Quentin Blake
This small book is the story of Julian who no longer really believes in Santa but decides to manipulate the system to get an expensive video game system from his parents. However, he discovers a mysterious present under his tree that soon becomes his favorite and restores his faith in Santa. This book is somewhat charming and the illustrations are lovely colored sketches. The text is complex and better suited to older readers.

To Whom The Angel Spoke by Terry Kay and illustrated by Eileen Blyth is a retelling of when the angels came and told the shepherds about the birth of Jesus. This unique story focuses on how everyone is different and thus the way they retell the story is also different. While I liked the message, some elements came across as kind of strange, such as calling the angel, the wind voice. Even so, it's worth a read.

Both of these books are published by Peachtree Publishers (who generously sent them to me) and available now!

Merry Christmas!


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