Friday, November 26, 2010

Faith and Fiction September Round Table: Resurrection in May by Lisa Samson

Welcome to the final Faith and Fiction round table of the year. We read Resurrection in May by Lisa Samson and chatted a bit about it by email. I invited each participant to post their general thoughts on the book. This post will be updated with their links when they send them to me.

Brief Synopsis: May is a bit of a lost soul when Claudius finds her on the side of the road. The two quickly form a friendship that will become invaluable to May after she survives the horrific massacre of a village in Rwanda.

My Thoughts
Lisa Samson is one of my favorite authors and this book reminded me of all the reasons why. It's written in her trademark quirky style and is populated with realistic, interesting characters.

In thinking about some of the themes of Resurrection in May, I've decided it's a strongly pro life book. By that I don't mean anti-abortion, but rather it's a book about the beauty and importance of life. It treats human life with a tremendous amount of respect--ALL human life. There are no one dimensional characters in this book, no characters cast with only a single stroke. This book is about people in all of their glory messy humanity who forge new bonds, create new community, and heal. Which is another thing...healing from very traumatic events is not something that can be easily done in this novel, it takes years, it takes working the land, and it takes fighting for life.

I admire so much about this book...I admire Samson's character choices, I admire her respect for sustainability. I appreciate a book about people who are otherwise rarely touched in fiction. I love the way a variety of different Christian churches work together and bring hope and healing.

I'm so thankful we have her voice in Christian fiction.

Hannah's review is here.


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