Friday, October 29, 2010

The Vampire Diaries Discussion and Recap 2.7: Masquerade

I loved this episode! Since I'm so late in getting this up, I just want to hit on a few things. Please share your thoughts in comments!

I love Damon and Stefan scheming together! Seriously the hotness is overwhelming. I thought the plan was pretty good, too, but Katherine really had a good plan in having all damage done to her be done to Elena.

And thank God Bonnie finally had a big part and Lucy told her she'd have more of a part!

Also, I was glad that Matt didn't die though both of those poor girls, did! And now that Tyler's all tortured, he's growing on me. Even Jeremy (who has the hots for Bonnie!!!) is growing on me. I love this show!

Speaking of, what do you think of Bonnie and Jeremy? In some ways, I think that they'd actually be a good match fighting for good together.

Even though it annoyed me that Elena snuck out to go the party, it was a good thing because otherwise they might not have known that Elena was getting hurt when they hurt Katherine.

Caroline continues to grow in awesomeness.

And who else is trying to kill Elena??? And just how long will Katherine stay down in that tomb?

Share all your thoughts with me! Also, Elena and Stefan = still broken up! Room for Damon!


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