Friday, September 17, 2010

The Vampire Diaries Discussion and Recap 2.2: Brave New World

Last week's episode ended with Katherine smothering Caroline to death in her bed, only Caroline had the blood of Damon in her...which kept her from dying and instead led to a pretty interesting episode for the week.

Despite the fact that a Bonnie transformation might be EVEN more interesting than Caroline, I have to admit I am thoroughly enjoying the idea of Caroline being a vampire. What I enjoyed most was watching her realize what was happening to her. We've never really seen this before, Caroline wakes up in the middle of the night hungry. She has no idea why, but she wants blood. When she samples it, she's completely revolted and tosses the blood bag aside, however, quickly finds herself tearing into it for more. The next day she's alarmed to find her skin sizzles in the sunlight and veins pop out around her eyes. She knows...she knows enough to know what's happening to her.

The issue of Caroline is a pretty interesting moral dilemma for our beloved characters in Mystic Falls. Damon suggests killing her right away, but Elena won't hear of it. Stefan sides with Elena, though we're all pretty sure he wishes they could just kill her. Caroline, of course, wouldn't be a vampire if it wasn't for Bonnie and Elena's decision to allow Damon to give her blood to speed up her healing. Bonnie can't deal with the idea of Caroline being a vampire and so she lashes out at Damon. And Elena saves Damon! Because we all know deep down inside Elena looooooves him! But even more interesting, Elena saved Caroline. Even after Caroline had killed someone. (and not just someone but a potential love interest for Bonnie) Damon calls this immediately and tells Elena she's responsible for whatever happens.

Now how about that scene with Stefan tenderly cleaning the blood off of Caroline's face? And telling her to get a grip? Now there's a match I could live with.

Speaking of couples--Caroline and Matt are doomed. I mean either that or he's going to have to come to grips with her being a vampire. Caroline doesn't have a sunshine ring so she won't be able to go out in the daytime and ISN'T HE GOING TO NOTICE? Poor Matt! I really like him and he keeps ending up with a broken heart.

And then there's Jeremy who decides to take on Damon but that doesn't really work out so well.

And Tyler's werewolf tale needs to pick up a bit because so far it's really yawn worthy. I suspect it shall gain momentum and speed and yay!

Now...did you find the final scene with Stefan and Elena? Kinda cheesy? Romantic?

Strangely I found that I already missed Katherine this episode. She brings good energy to the show.

I only could watch this once through tonight so there are my thoughts...I eagerly await yours! If you also recapped the show on your blog or website leave a permalink below!

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