Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hiroshima in the Morning Facebook Party

(Disclosure: Reiko Rizzuto is one of my clients. I did read Hiroshima in the Morning and loved it.)

What is the book Hiroshima in the Morning about? Here's what the publisher says:

In June 2001 Rahna Reiko Rizzuto went to Hiroshima in search of a deeper understanding of her war-torn heritage. She planned to spend six months there, interviewing the few remaining survivors of the atomic bomb. A mother of two young boys, she was encouraged to go by her husband, who quickly became disenchanted by her absence.
It is her first solo life adventure, immediately exhilarating for her, but her research starts off badly. Interviews with the hibakusha feel rehearsed, and the survivors reveal little beyond published accounts. Then the attacks on September 11 change everything. The survivors' carefully constructed memories are shattered, causing them to relive their agonizing experiences and to open up to Rizzuto in astonishing ways.
Separated from family and country while the world seems to fall apart, Rizzuto's marriage begins to crumble as she wrestles with her ambivalence about being a wife and mother. Woven into the story of her own awakening are the stories of Hiroshima in the survivors' own words. The parallel narratives explore the role of memory in our lives and show how memory is not history but a story we tell ourselves to explain who we are.

Reiko made a beautiful trailer for the book and wants to spread the word about it! If you post the trailer for Hiroshima in the Morning on your blog, you will be entered to win a Hawaii gift pack, including: 1 package 100% Kona coffee, 1 package of Maui pure cane sugar, 1 package organic luau seasoning rub, 1 pound Alaea Red Sea Salt, and 1 box chocolate covered macadamia nuts, along with a copy of Hiroshima in the Morning. Just email me at to let you know you did this.

Don't have a blog? If you tweet about it, share the link on Facebook, or email the trailer to a friend, you will receive on entry for an identical gift pack. Just email me and tell me everything you did to spread the word at

Wait there's more! If you attend the Facebook party on Wednesday September 22nd at 8:30 PM EST, 5:30 PST you'll also receive an entry for the gift pack as well as have a chance to win a Koa carved bookmark from Hawaii. The contest closes on September 30th, 2010.

All you have to do is Like Reiko Rizzuto on Facebook and show up to the events page for a chance to chat with the author and ask all your questions about Hiroshima in the Morning.

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