Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Oh Those Influential Reviewers!

While I am certainly trying to control my book acquisition since my reading has slowed to almost a standstill, there are still a few reviews floating around out there that capture my interest. On a recent trip to Borders, the following books entered my collection:

American Music

I bought this book on Beth Kephart's recommendation. Thankfully, it doesn't look too long, and Beth's review was SO glowing I couldn't resist.

Father of the Rain

This book made it's way onto my radar thanks to a bookstore blog in Wisconsin I read frequently. It was Entertainment Weekly's review, however, that pushed me over the edge.

Madness of Angels

This came into my collection on the recommendation of Rachel of A Fair Substitute for Heaven. She was actually praising this author's YA books, but this one looked like a good read. I'm not sure Rachel and I share the same taste, but it's definitely worth a shot! Her enthusiasm for the author is contagious!

What's the last book you bought because of a review?


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