Monday, July 19, 2010

Movie Review: Inception

I have to admit to looking forward to Inception the moment it was first put on my radar. I loved the way this film was marketed....for once we didn't see the entire story told in the trailer, but were just given glimpses of the incredibly visual element of the film. I've enjoyed most of what Christopher Nolan has done in the past and I'm not ashamed to admit to being a fan of Leonardo DiCaprio.

I went to see the film in IMAX as a summer treat..I figured a film that advertises it's incredible visuals should be enjoyed on the large screen and I really enjoyed it.

Inception is a movie that must explain itself a fair's a sort of science-fiction fantasy world, but also a thriller with lots of shooting and big explosions. At it's heart is a man who is filled with regret. Yet he's one of the best at what he does...which is to extract knowledge from people's brains while they sleep..through their dreams. Inception, however, is the story of the attempt to do the plant an idea in someone's mind.

This is a smart film. Yes, it's action packed and exciting, and it's possible that emotional story at the heart of it is less than original. But it doesn't matter. Inception both entertains and engages the mind. It's discussion worthy as well, there are many angles to consider once leaving the theater, not least of which is the very real ethical question of what they do.

It's refreshing to have something this big to entertain us this summer...original material. While it's not my favorite film of the year so far (that honor goes to Toy Story 3) it's certainly memorable and worth your time.


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