Monday, May 17, 2010

Some of My Favorite (Happy) Scenes from LOST

Last week, I attended a good-bye celebration for LOST of sorts that was all kinds of fabulous. You can read my rambling thoughts about it over at the LOST Books Challenge Blog.

It was definitely what I needed to launch a week of saying good-bye to LOST. I got to thinking about some of my favorite scenes in this show so full of heart and drama and thought I would share a few with you. I'd love your contributions as well....what scenes stand out in your mind from LOST as being particularly moving or insightful?

Watching the raft set sail at the end of season one is by far one of the most beautiful scenes of the series to me. There's something achingly beautiful about this fragile hope with sorrow all mixed up in it that feels so deeply human, something about knowing more of who these people are and what they are thinking about and hoping for that makes this scene such a great mark of the passage of time. And the music...oh the music manages to capture all of those feelings right up.

My favorite episode to date remains The Constant. The end of this episode was so profoundly moving and in typical LOST fashion recalled to mind every great love story ever told. And again, the bittersweet music! Let's watch again!

LOST proved why it's such a great show with the development of the Sawyer and Juliet love story. In a single episode, they converted many skeptics on the strength of the actors and writing alone. What LOST gave us in Sawyer and Juliet was a couple whose love was founded on the shared intimacy of years spent together, who brought out the best in each other, who served and protected their community together. Do you want to know how much I love this scene? Just hearing the music always makes me teary! It's such a beautiful theme that speaks to blossoming love and hope.

I guess I like the love stories, LOL. What are you favorite happy scenes from LOST?


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