Tuesday, April 20, 2010

LOST Recap and Discussion: 6.13 The Last Recruit

Spoilers follow.

So...it seems the lives of our sideways Losties are beginning to thread together more and more. Locke arrives at the hospital at the same time as Sun, Desmond guides Claire to the lawyer's office where her father and Jack's father will is to be read, Kate is still at the police station with Sawyer, at least until Sawyer and Miles go to pick up Sayid. Still no word on who Jack's son's mother is.

Meanwhile on island Jack talks to Locke who tells him he was the one impersonating his father. (how did Jack remember that happened on their third day on the island so many years later??) Jack and Claire meet up and Claire assures Jack he's with Locke and has been since the moment he let him talk to him. Do you think this is true? After all, Sawyer certainly has seemed to keep his own mind after much discussion with Locke.

Their camp comes under attack as Widmore's people demand Desmond back. Locke sends Sayid to kill Desmond, who rather calmly asks Sayid what he's getting in return and what he'll tell the woman he loves. The show ends up leaving us questioning whether Sayid, the zombie, killed Desmond or not. What do you think?

Sawyer plans an escape on the boat and instructs Jack to get Hurley, Sun, and the pilot to the boat. He tells him to leave Claire and Sayid behind. Jack agrees, but Claire follows them. Kate talks Claire into coming with them. Does this mean Claire still has free will? She's not entirely bound to Locke? Does her love for Aaron carry a strength that means she's not lost? Does this also mean possibly that Sayid didn't kill Desmond? (I keep waiting for people to die by the way. I keep cringing every time something happens)

Once on the boat, however, Jack shares his concern about leaving with Sawyer. He doesn't feel it's right since that's what Locke wants. So...Sawyer tells him to get off the boat and after apologizing for getting Juliet killed, Jack does. Kate throws a little fit, but Jack swims back to land.

He might have been right, because when Sawyer and company arrive on the shores of Camp Widmore, they aren't greeted in a very friendly manner. Widmore's group then attacks Locke's group and it would seem everyone but Jack dies. Locke tells Jack he's with him now. (oh really?)

I have to admit to being left a little cold by the Sun/Jin reunion. Three years of longing for each other and while they seemed happy, I don't know. It wasn't as emotional as I would have expected. Or as I would have been!

Also did anyone notice Jack's reaction off island to learning Claire was his sister was almost identical to when he learned at his father's memorial service. It could be that's the extent of Matthew Fox's acting but I like to think it's that even in alternate possibilities the emotional truth of these characters is the same.

I feel a bit lost, heh, as to the direction the show is actually taking. While it does seem that the off-island timeline characters are beginning to come together, I'm still wondering exactly how that is going to play into what's happening on the island. I'm still curious about Desmond's role in everything. (I do not believe that Sayid killed Desmond) I honestly have no idea where we're going and maybe I'm just not thinking enough about it.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on the episode and what you think are last few precious episodes will contain.


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