Tuesday, April 6, 2010

LOST Recap and Discussion: 6.11 Happily Ever After

Spoilers follow blah blah blah.

I'm talking about spectucular, conscious altering love. Do you know what that looks like?

Desmond has always been one of, if not my very favorite, characters on LOST. I always look forward to Desmond centric episodes because they are a brilliant combination of island mythology and characterization. The Constant remains my favorite episode of LOST to this date. Desmond, despite not being one of the original survivors, has often felt like the heart of LOST.

There's just something about the character of Desmond and his story that makes me feel all wistful inside. Or maybe it's knowing there's only 6 episodes of LOST left, or the bittersweet musical themes of Michael Giacchino we have listened to over the seasons, but I felt so...sad watching tonight's episode! Watching all of the elements and motifs of Desmond's story pulled together in tonight's episode was a fitting send-off for this character. He's not dead (though apparently he will need to make a sacrifice) but this is probably the last Desmond episode ever. Such sadness.

So Desmond's on the island and after trying to beat the crap out of Widmore (yay!), he learns that Widmore wants to see if he can survive another electromagnetic blast. If he can, Widmore says, he will ask Desmond to make a final sacrifice. Theories?

Desmond, bless him, resists mightily at first, but the electromagnetism overpowers him and we are treated life in LA X land with Desmond.

In the sideways flash, Desmond works for Charles Widmore. He is, in fact, Widmore's right hand man, a trusted and cherished employee. Upon arriving in LA, Widmore greets Desmond and requests that he sort of baby-sit Charlie, the bassist of Drive Shaft who is meant to perform with his son the classical musician, but was arrested as a result of an overdose. This isn't an easy assignment for Desmond, however, Charlie immediately begins talking about what happened when he almost died, this love he felt with a "rapturously beautiful blond" Charlie gets so carried away he takes control of Desmond's car and drives them into the water at the dock. In a scene that gave me goose bumps, Desmond struggles to free Charlie and Charlie holds his hand up to the window of the car, mimicking Charlie's death scene on the island. In this moment, Desmond sees a sort of flash, sees, "not Penny's boat" written on Charlie's hand.

Desmond manages to save Charlie and they both end up in the hospital. Desmond is given an MRI where he sees many more flashes...of Penny. He is frantic to find Charlie, and even asks Jack up on seeing him. He finally spots Charlie running down the hall, and asks him about Penny. Charlie escapes from Desmond but not without telling him to find Penny.

Desmond and Widmore exchange some heated words and Desmond goes to tell Mrs. Widmore that he couldn't find Charlie. Of course Mrs. Widmore is Eloise Hawking. She graciously forgives him, but when Desmond overhears Penny's name on the guest list, he inquires about it. She quickly steps in and insists it isn't time yet. He's not yet ready. She tells him he has a good life and what he wanted most, her husband's approval.

Desmond heads off, but Daniel (Farraday) Widmore stops him. Daniel explains how he when he first spotted this beautiful redhead, it was as if he had already loved her. (swoon!) After seeing her, Daniel woke up and wrote a complicated physics equation. An equation about releasing nuclear energy in order to stop something catastrophic from happening. Daniel explains he already feels he did this...that the life they are living is not supposed to be their life. He then tells him how to find Penny.

Desmond goes to see Penny and their meeting is awkward and sweet.

Back on the island, Desmond wakes up and he's at peace. He agrees to do what Widmore has asked of him and they head off. But Sayid ambushes them and takes Desmond with him.

Let's Discuss:
*This is the first episode where we saw some of our LOSTies have an inkling that there's another life. I'm guessing it's possible after the Hurley centric next week that this portion of the show will be wrapped up as Desmond has requested the manifest from the flight in order to make contact with these people. What do you think will happen? Will they somehow merge with island life? Will they have to make a choice?
*What do you think the sacrifice is that will be asked of Desmond?
*Why do you think Desmond is so cooperative now?
*What do you think the black smoke man will do with Desmond?
*What does it all mean and how does it all end?
*Did you love this episode as much as me?


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