Saturday, April 10, 2010

A little Readathon Update

Hello to any who might stop by to cheer or who are just generally curious about the readathon's progress.

What is a readathon? It's a time twice a year when a group of biblioholics attempt to read for 24 hours. I usually make it for like 10 hours.

I have finished my current read, She Walks in Beauty and am moving on to this week's portion of Gone With the Wind. After that? There's no telling what I'll read!

I will probably just update this post if anything of interest happens...what plans do you all have? Will you be reading?

Update at 1:50 PM PST--Have read about 4 chapters of Gone with the Wind and passed out for a little nap. I seem to be getting old...I can no longer read for great lengths of time without sleeping!

Update at 5:50 PM PST: Man I'm a slow reader! Finished up to where I'm supposed to be in Gone with the Wind. Started Fireworks Over Toccoa Waiting on pizza. :)

Update at 11:06 PM: Okay I'm not really a hardcore readathoner. I totally watched a movie for a break, but I did finish Fireworks over Toccoa and now will try to read Love is the Higher Law before bed!


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