Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Buddy Review: Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

Beautiful Creatures

I recently did a buddy review of Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl with Kelly of The Written World. The first part is up over at her blog, and you can read the second part here. I got my ARC of this book at Comic-Con in San Diego last summer. I would give it a 4/5.

Amy: I think it's a little bit of an odd choice. I actually heard the authors say that they wanted to call it sixteen moons but the publisher wouldn't let them because there were already do many books with moon in the title. But just who are the beautiful creatures? What did you think of Marion the librarian and the libraries? I thought that part was kind of cool and made me think of Harry Potter.

Kelly: Sixteen Moons would have been a better title. That actually has a connection to the story and makes sense to me. I really liked Marion. She was a bit different and added an interesting contrast to the story in general. Especially when you learn that there is more to her than you can initially see. I enjoyed the library that was only open on Bank Holidays. The whole idea of it spanning on forever was really cool to me. Plus, it is housed in one of the oldest buildings in the town so that history alone is interesting. Speaking of history, what did you think of the historical connections throughout this novel?

Amy: Um, I liked them? It seems like you can't have a Southern novel without involving the Civil War. Did you enjoy the whole idea of the Caster girls? Did you find them to be an original enough invention? What did you think of the idea of being claimed--the idea that once they came of age there was no going back?

Kelly: Yeah, I see that. The Civil War is an important part of Southern history. I enjoyed a lot of the details that went in to the novel. It was obvious that they thought about a lot of things in great detail before they wrote the book. As to being original, though, it was different than anything I had read recently, but it borrowed enough from other things to overpower the original ideas they were trying for. The idea of being claimed, now, that didn't work for me at all because it reminded me too much of the drama in another series. The difference being that this was something that had to happen and that was something that she just wanted to happen. I think I am finding too much drama in teen literature is starting to get to me. What about you? What do you think about all of this stuff?

Amy: I have to admit that I like some angst and drama it's all in the story and writing and how organic it feels. If the author makes me feel what the characters are feeling I tend to like it more. I think maybe that's why this book worked a little less for me, I didn't feel it as much. I do think everything feels huge and monumental when you're a teenager...kind of like how Buffy used vampires and monsters to illustrate that. ;) Will you read the next book?

Kelly: It is not a priority because I really don't feel there has to be a sequel, but I might get it from the library at some point. I am curious, I admit, on what more needs to be said. Everything seemed to be summed up really well at the end. Almost too perfect, actually. Do you think you will read it?

Amy: I might...but probably not the second it comes out. I think the series is going to be six books long! I do love the covers!

Thanks for reviewing the book with me Kelly! It's good to have a friend to chat about books with!

Kelly: Six books!!! I didn't know that! That's pretty ambitious. I love the covers, too. I was thinking I should have asked about them!

Thanks for doing it with me, too! I look forward to our next one.


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