Wednesday, March 10, 2010

An Open Question for Authors

In thinking about books and the decisions that go into marketing them, and I've been wondering why people write and what matters the most to them.

I have a question for authors and I want an honest answer. Which is more important to you....getting your book into the hands of the most readers possible or making sure your book finds the right readers?

I've been thinking about this because I know it presents a financial hardship for authors if their book doesn't sell well and that it could also be a serious threat to their career. But on the other hand, what if millions of people read your book and like it well enough but it fails to deeply connect with very many of them?

I ask this because even though I don't like it, I do judge books by their covers. I judge them by their endorsements, comparisons, and marketing techniques. Every once in awhile...I think I stumble across a book I'm meant to read. This is the best feeling in the world. (and probably deserving of its own blog post)

But also this is an important question to me because I recommend books on this blog. Sometimes, I love a book, like deeply love it and wish to rave about it, but I know that not everyone will love the book the way I do. It takes nothing away from the book for me, it just goes to show that books and readers have chemistry. (and yes I'll still rave about it) I want the right readers to be able to find the book. It's not so important to me that a lot of people take my recommendation as that the right people do. I know I can't always know who the right readers will be, I know. This is all theoretical.

So authors...which is more important to you? Bloggers...what about you?


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