Tuesday, March 16, 2010

LOST Recap and Discussion: 6.8 Recon

As always, full discussion of the episode below! Please avoid if you haven't watched yet.

I feel like the creative team on LOST is on a roll, I thought the episode tonight was fantastic (not just because it was Sawyer-centric) and I absolutely loved beyond measure what they did with Sawyer's sideways flash, I think it makes the most sense of any of them, yet.

And how about Charlotte showing up? Is there a female on this show Sawyer hasn't slept with?

Anyway, I loved how when she asked him on their date why he became a cop he said was at a point where he was either going to be a criminal or a cop and I love that they explored the other side of that coin in his sideways flash. Being a cop didn't change his life objective of killing Anthony Cooper. It didn't mean he was a man at peace, he seemed just as full of anger and unease as ever. He couldn't trust the person he should have been able to trust the most, Miles. His obsession and unrest with his past destroyed his ability to have solid healthy relationships. Sure his life had taken a different path, and a logical path for his history, but it didn't mean that he was a whole man.

On island he sort of proved Locke right that he was a great liar, I had absolutely no idea what the heck was going through his mind. I didn't know if he was really teaming up with Widmore or not. But it seems he wants to let them have their war and he's going to take off with Kate. (was anyone else hoping he'd see Juliet in sideways? I have to admit to feeling a little sick over the scene where he went in the cage and touched Kate's dress. BLECH)

In other news, Claire? Tries to kill Kate and Sayid just sits there with totally dead eyes. I think Sayid has given up. I think he just doesn't care. And Claire was all over the place with the crazy. Still not sure what to think about that.

And who is Mama Smoke? I wasn't expecting that one at all and I'm interested in just who she is.

I'm completely excited for next week's episode about Alpert which will hopefully finally answer the question, "what is the island?" :)

ETA: Oh and Little House? Too funny! And how about Charlie's brother showing up at the station?

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