Sunday, March 21, 2010

Gone with the Wind Check-In #3

I'm all caught up through chapter 27 and I have to say that I have completely been drawn into the story and I'm loving it!

Once we got past the first 300 pages of tedious character background and entered into actual plot the story really picked up for me. I have to admit to finding the look at the war and the sort of timeless look at war that is provided via Scarlett, Ashley, and Rhett's reactions and discussions fascinating. I do find the fact that while the white characters are richly developed and sharply drawn, the black characters are all sort of one dimensional and unbelievable to me. I can see why this is a major weakness of the book, but it's also very revealing of the time. I find the way Scarlett talks about Prissy hard to bear, and this part of the book uncomfortable to read in general.

And now my questions.

1) How are you enjoying the story so far?
2) Do you like Scarlett and admire her strength and conviction to survive or does she bother you?
3) Melanie? Do we like her?
4) Has reading this book changed your thoughts or given you any additional insight into this period of history?

I think I might curl up with the book for the rest of the day! I'm just loving it!


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