Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Fiddler's Gun Book Club! (with Kate and Amy)

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I am always looking for ways to promote the books I love and also talk about the books I love.

Guess what? Kate (the Quirky Redhead) is too! Therefore we are going to have a Facebook book club for one of our favorite books from last year, The Fiddler's Gun by Pete Peterson.

Here are all the details. It would mean so much to both of us if you would join our super fantastic book club. We're hosting it on facebook so we can have threads focusing on different aspects of the book and so that Pete can easily have a place to answer all of your questions.

Technically, the discussion will last for two weeks and doesn't start until April 15th, but we're announcing it now so you have time to get the book and start reading. And here's the really cool part! Kate bought the book club bundle so you can go ahead and buy the book directly from her for 8 dollars plus a little bit of shipping and get a nifty book club bookmark. Please buy the book from her before going to other options if you can, just email her at thequirkyredheadATgmailDOTcom and she'll hook you up!

Need more convincing? Here's a little bit from my review of the The Fiddler's Gun:

This is an adventure story and it's a love story. There are pockets of beautiful writing that will still your heart and characters that are impossible not to feel for. And it's also a bit of historical fiction! Truly, The Fiddler's Gun is reading at it's best.

And from Kate's review:

This book is not a light, entertaining read that you toss aside once finished and never think of again. It is so much more. There is depth, emotion and characters that you will care about. There is excitement, battles and mutiny. Though full of all these things, it also explores the simple yet universal desire to find a home, a place where you are chosen just for who you are. And that is something that anyone should understand.

Please join us! I'm so excited to have the chance to discuss this great book and promote this great author. Join the Facebook group! Mark your calendars! Let's have fun!


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