Friday, February 5, 2010

Watching the Wire (and talking about it. Because I like to talk about what I watch)

Remember when Elizabeth and I watched and discussed Supernatural? And then I became totally obsessed and tweeted about it all the time, too? (#TeamDean!)

It was so much fun we wanted to do it again with another show. And then Nicole wanted to do it, too, so it's more of a round table this time and such a fun one!

We chose The Wire but since I tell you why I want to watch it below I'll be quiet now, except to let you know we'll be watching and discussing 2 episodes a week so if you've ever wanted to watch this show often hailed as the best show ever, (yeah right that's LOST) then please join us!

Watching The Wire

An Introduction

How did you first hear about The Wire?

Nicole: I don't really know. The Wire was one of those shows that over time just seeped into my consciousness. Everyone was always talking about how good it was and how realistic, but I am pretty sure that I might have been in the middle of watching Oz on demand and that was all of the gritty realism that I could take at the time. The Wire was also on on that time when it was impossible to hear anything bad about HBO programming. They literally could do no wrong- even though I am still mad that they canceled Carnivale before I could figure out exactly what was going on.

Amy: Well, I think I probably read about it on the TV sites. I used to read TV blogs and TV Guide Online everyday before books marched in and took over my whole life. I don't have HBO so I couldn't watch it. But unlike any other media art form, I almost always trust television critics. They really know their stuff so if they liked the Wire, I figured it was at least worth my time.

Elizabeth: I was watching the fantastic show Six Feet Under on HBO when The Wire premiered, so I knew about it right from the start. (And Nicole - I hear you about Carnivale - my husband and I still have dreams that some other station will pick that series up and at least give it an ending!)

Were you interested in watching it right away? If you were what stopped you? You do realize this show is no longer on the air, don't you?

Nicole: I was watching Oz all of the tine and didn't have any room for The Wire. But I also think that I may have tried to watch a few episode in the middle of the series and couldn't get into, and just thought it was best to not join in watching in the middle.

Amy: I've never had HBO so I couldn't watch it when it was on. I've been interested in watching it for a long time though. If you tell me it's well written, I'll probably be interested.

Elizabeth - I initially dismissed it as just another "cop show" - I knew that if it was made by HBO it would probably be good, but it wasn't until I started hearing raves about it that I actually decided to watch it at some point in the future.

What have you heard about the show?

Amy: Just that it's incredible, very dark and gritty.

Nicole: I have heard the same thing as Amy. It's supposed to be super realistic.

Elizabeth - gritty and realistic, and apparently "the best show ever on television".

What are your expectations on the show? Is there anything in particular you are looking forward to or dreading?

Amy: I'm interested in how I handle the darker side of it, if I'll be appreciate the art through it.

Nicole: I am expecting to watch a good show. I read The Turnaround by George Pelecanos and I really enjoyed reading it so I am very curious to see his work on the small screen. This was one of those shows that was discussed around the "water cooler", so I am hoping that Amy, Elizabeth and I will be able to have those moments as well.

Elizabeth - I've seen SO much praise for The Wire that I have incredibly high expectations. I almost worry going into it that there is no way it can live up to the hype surrounding it. I'll be interested to see if I can get over the "cop show" aspects, because I don't normally find those all that interesting.



Jenny said...

I'm looking forward to hearing what y'all think of it as you start watching. Like you, I've heard nothing but good things about it. I've only held off watching it because I'm afraid it will be too intense for me, and I don't do incredibly well with real-world scariness. The closest thing to a cop show I watch is Castle, which um, not very cop-show-y.

But I know I need to hurry up and watch this now, and acclimate myself to this sort of show, because the creator of The Wire is now working on a show about Treme, which is a neighborhood in New Orleans, and I can't not watch that! When it is set in my own home state! :P

Fence said...

I'm a huge fan of The Wire. Have just finished my own rewatch of the series, had to introduce Himself to it. Look forward to reading your thoughts on it.

Beth F said...

Too funny. Now that we are done renting LOST, we thought we start with the Wire, which everyone loves. I have been a fan of almost every HBO series, but for some reason we missed this one. I'll be too far behind you to participate in the discussion tho.

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