Tuesday, February 9, 2010

LOST Recap and Discussion: 6.3 What Kate Does

If you haven't yet watched the third episode of LOST, read no further!!

Oh my goodness! Ever so much to talk about, as always, with LOST.

Let's start with Kate since this was a Kate centric episode. Back in "the castaways really landed in LA" reality, Kate is the tough girl we only got to see hints of on the island in the middle of all her lovesickness and confusion over two men. She's busy threatening to shoot people if they don't help her and throwing pregnant girls out of taxis. But lo and behold, the soft girl underneath the rough exterior comes to the surface when she realizes that all the stuff she stole was in fact baby stuff. She goes to help Claire, who out of nowhere decides to suddenly trust Kate and ask her to come with her to the adoptive parents home. Of course these people didn't show up at the airport to claim their baby and Claire is giving them a pass. (is it just me or is this whole scenario the most sci-fi thing of the whole show? Aren't there lawyers involved?) Well, apparently the adoptive couple has split up and now don't want this child I'm sure they've already spent good money on. At this precise moment, Claire goes into labor and Kate takes her to the hospital and stays with her. Guess who's at the hospital? Ethan! He's a doctor and he DOESN'T want to shoot Claire up with drugs if he doesn't have to. He seems like a nice guy and not like someone who's out to steal anyone's baby or kill anybody. Claire names Aaron, Kate continues to be deeply touched, and they part well when Claire lies to the police and gives Kate her credit card.

Kate on the Island.
Kate on the island is annoying the ever living daylights out of me. First of all, how come she started calling Sawyer James? Secondly, does she really think they're going to just pick up where they left off THREE YEARS AGO like Sawyer didn't just lose the woman he was in a long term relationship with? Anyway, after Sawyer shoots things up and leaves the temple, Kate chases after him. She effectively tracks him, beats up the Others following her, ditches Jin who realizes she doesn't care about anyone but herself, and finds Sawyer digging up the ring he planned to give Juliet. They share a few moments, in which Sawyer blames himself for asking her to stay (making me cry) and he throws the ring out into the water, claiming he's meant to be alone. (in other words, LEAVE KATE)

Other Stuff
Last week, a lot of people felt Sayid was a resurrected Jacob, however, this week would seem to indicate otherwise. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the test the others performed on him. Apparently, he's infected. There's a darkness that's growing in him that when it reaches his heart will basically kill all that was good of him. HUH? This just gives me so many questions. I really didn't understand this at all.
1) Why would Jacob want them to save Sayid if he was only going to be evil?
2) Unless Jacob's evil but don't the others serve Jacob?
3) Does this all point back to the Spanish ad of the chessboard? Are the players more important than what side they are on?

Jack is very defeated and self-pitying at the moment. He blames himself for everything that's gone wrong, but this does prove useful when he manages to find out that the pill they wanted Sayid to take was poison.

But perhaps the most interesting revelation is Claire on the island! Claire is the new Rousseau! Setting traps! Shooting people! Stolen baby! Apparently, she's infected, though. And Rousseau wasn't, right? oh the confusion! But HOW APPROPRIATE that the first person she sees is Jin. (Jin met Rousseau when he traveled back in time)

Alright, I've got to get some sleep and try to sort this out, but as always I'm eager to hear your thoughts! And let me know what important stuff I missed! ;)



Deborah said...

not anything major but i do love how Artz gets to be in a couple episodes this semester. love seeing the small characters (him and frogurt so far) get to show up again in last season

Beth F said...

I too thought Claire was the new Rousseau and wondered if she is infected with anything except a desire to not be with the others.... I'm not really accepting the idea that there is any infection at all -- it's just a control device.

Chrisbookarama said...

Don't get mad at me but I thought this episode was boring in comparison to last week's. Maybe because it was All About Kate night.

I'm confused too. I hope things start making more sense soon. I was glad to see Claire even if she's all Rousseauified.

I can't wait for next week when Sawyer & Locke meet up!

Alison (Alison's Book Marks) said...

Just when I think I am figuring the show out...urgg.

First, I'm with Chris, not loving the Katecentric episode this week.

It seems to me like there is clearly a good vs. evil battle between Jacob and the dark monster guy who took over Locke's body. If Jacob is dead, the others in the temple are looking to see whose body he might jump into -- anyone who isn't Jacob might be considered "infected" because they, like anyone else who crashed on the island, still has (and very much enjoys, thank you) their free will. Is this why they need Sawyer back? Because he too has free will that might "infect" other people on the island? Claire, running around like Rousseau is clearly not following a leader. The Others need a leader, and right now, they don't have one.

One question: Jack spits up a pill intended to poison Sayid, but then in the very next breath accepts a cup of tea?

Lenore Appelhans said...

Glad to see Claire back...but you know what I want...more Boone!!

Unknown said...

It is great to read other blogger's recaps of Lost and see things I missed or how we all see different things in this mysterious show. If you want to see my Lost post it is at http://connectwithyourteens.blogspot.com/2010/02/lost-kate-does-episode-63-highlights.html

Look forward to reading you again after next week's episode.

KT Grant said...

So, Claire isn't a ghost or possessed by Smokey??? This show gets me so ARG!!!!!

Aw poor Sawyer :( the ring...

Lost should be renamed WTF?

Anonymous said...

Claire on the Island was my favourite part of the episode. I loved how she was just as confused to see Jin as Jin was to see her. Hopefully this means we'll soon find out what she was up to the last 3 years!

Unknown said...

See, Alita, I forget that we fast-forwarded three years during the whole Dharma/LeFluer/Oceanic 6 thing. DOH. Three years is a long time to live like the French woman!

Monica (aka monnibo) said...

Just a note that even though you post a spoiler notice, that photo could be considered a spoiler and appears at the top. Good thing I watched the episode already ;) ... even though I'm sooo sick of Kate!

Wrighty said...

Gotta love these recaps! And I agree with KB's suggestion to rename it WTF! I do enjoy this show and knowing that this is the last season gives me hope that I'll start figuring out some of this stuff (yeah right.) I love seeing the characters pop up all over the place in the LA reality. It's like playing a version of Where's Waldo?

I'm wondering if it is simply all about good vs. evil but why? I was wondering if Jacob had taken over Sayid's body but that doesn't seem quite right. And what's going on with Lock? The smoke monster man didn't take over his body, that's still laying on the sand at the beach. He just assumed his form to trick Ben didn't he? So now what?

Anonymous said...

a lot of people felt Sayid was a resurrected Jacob, however, this week would seem to indicate otherwise.

That's assuming Dogen is telling Jack the truth. Never assume anything when it comes to LOST ;-)

At this point in time, Mags and I are rewatching all the past episodes and just taking in the new ones, not daring to theorize anything. LOL, I still think Sayid is something more than Sayid. The scene of them carrying him out of the pool was soo "Christ off the Cross" like. Give Sayid 3 days... maybe the pill isn't really poison, and it'll finish bringing Jacob out.

Actually, I've got a theory that Mags beats on me when I say it. Jacob is an Ancient, Locke-Smoke Monster is an Ori, and Daniel Jackson is going to come out of a Stargate hidden somewhere in the temple.

Nan said...

This episode make me rethink so much of what I was thinking after last week's! I am so confused by the whole Sayid thing - the test, the fact that he was dead, who or what is he now?

Can't wait until next week!

Kathleen said...

I agree the episode wasn't as good. I think personally I'm getting sick of Kate. Like you said, Sawyer is OVER you! Also sick of her past, she's obviously not a nice person.

I'm confused with Sayid too. I thought the test was to see if he was like non-locke but he felt pain and yet they said he didn't pass it. Besides, how would feeling pain show he was infected? I'm not sure I believe in an infection either. Whatever happened to Rousseau's group was because of the smoke monster , not necessarily a sickness you can just catch.

It was nice to see Claire, but I'm curious how they're going to explain everything. I was starting to think the ones who show up on the island strangely (like Christian and Claire later on) were perhaps really dead and spirits or something.

I think it's actually a good thing they decided on an end date and this is the last season. They can only go on so much about the same characters before we want to strangle ourselves. I'm already sick of Kate and Jack's story lines.

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