Tuesday, February 23, 2010

LOST 6.5 Recap and Discussion: Lighthouse

What follows is a full on discussion of LOST. If you have not yet watched the episode, I recommend you not read this post.

Jack: How is it that we've never seen it before?
Hurley: I guess we weren't looking for it.

Even though this was a Jack-so-not-my-favorite-character centric episode, I actually enjoyed it quite a lot. I mean, psychotic Claire what's not to like?

Jack off the Island

Is a daddy!!!!!! This surprised me and I very much enjoyed this storyline of Jack trying not to repeat the mistakes of his father and working towards having some sort of relationship with his son, David. The fact that he did break through and connect in the end was...perfection. Resolution. Redemption for the way he totally screwed up with Aaron. Would Jack have been happier in the alternate reality? (what do you think is up with his father's missing body? Also, the bit about him not remembering having his appendix out...what do you think that's about?) Oh and he saw Dogen! What does this mean?

Jack on the Island
Is the same old slightly psychotic Jack. He's not about to do anything that doesn't seem like his idea. So when Jacob (still love him and hope he's a good guy) shows up and tells Hurley he needs to get Jack to the lighthouse, he also tells him exactly how. Hurley has to tell Jack "he has what it takes." Suddenly, it's Jack's idea to go figure out what this means. Thank God for the comic relief Hurley provides!
So they head off to the super cool Lighthouse. They stumble upon the caves on the way where they find Shannon's inhaler (shout out to the Comic Con panel!) and the skeletons again where Hurley voices the theory that the skeletons are the LOSTies.

I am sure there is all sorts of significance to the lighthouse with the mirrors and the wheel that those of you who are smarter than me can figure out. Do the mirrors reflect alternate realities? Do they reflect what's truly inside? Are they like the Mirror of Erised and show the heart's desire? In any case, all we saw was the house where Jack grew up. And then Jack goes truly psychotic on us and smashes the mirrors. Jacob's not too concerned, his only goal was to get Jack to realize his importance.

Other Stuff

Claire is in some ways living like Rousseau believing her baby to be with the others. But she's totally psychotic. Probably because her head has been stuffed full of lies from her friend. She ties up the Other and fixes Jin's leg. When Jin tries to tell her that Kate took Aaron, she still kills the other guy. Does this mean she's really evil? Does this mean Sayid is evil? Jacob didn't care that Sayid was still back at the temple he only wanted Hurley and Jack. What does this all mean?

Oh and did anyone else yell out do eeeeeeet!!!! when Claire said she'd kill Kate? :)

Overall I really enjoyed this episode but I suspect I will enjoy them all until the end. And I'm dying with the lack of previews!

Tell me all your thoughts and remind me of all the stuff I forgot about.


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