Thursday, November 12, 2009

Baby-sitters Club -- Day 4 and a Trivia Game!

Today's fabulous participants include:

Memory who is sharing memories about the BSC at Stella Matutina.

Debbie who is reviewing Mary Ann and Too Many Babies at Debbie's World of Books.

Jessica will be sharing how The Baby-Sitter's Club and the Baby-sitter's little sister series inspired her love of reading and books.

And Deborah spotlights the character of Claudia!


It's time to test just how much you remember about the Baby-sitters Club! A million thanks to Deborah for writing these questions...she rocks!


Ashley said...

I think I failed miserably at answering these questions! They were fun to think about though!

Anonymous said...

I loved that quiz! It was fun to see how many answers I actually could remember... kinda scary how many I knew, lol ;)

Vasilly said...

OMG! This quiz is great though I think I might fail it. I think it's time for a Baby-Sitters Club reading challenge.

Shoshanah said...

I stumbled on this blog from Jessica's post, and I think this is so much fun! I might have to join in on the fun and write my own BSC post tomorrow!

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