Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Baby-sitters Club -- Day 3

kristys Great Idea
Anyone else enjoying this trip down memory lane as much as me???

Here are today's links! Lots of good ones. Come back tomorrow for a Baby-Sitters Club Trivia Quiz.

Deborah takes a trip down memory lane.

Nari of The Novel World spotlights the character of Stacey.

Priya of Book Crumbs shares "A short memory post about the first few BSC books I read and my elementary school experiences with the series."

Julie, Booking Mama reviews Baby-sitters Super Special Baby-sitters on Board! and Booking Daughter reviews Dawn and Whitney, Friends Forever.

And Katie of Read What You Know, shares "Stacey McGill, or why I'm so fascinated with New York City: review, character profile, and a lot of memories."



Melissa Sarno said...

I am loving this stroll down memory lane. In fact, when I go home for Thanksgiving I am going to raid the bookshelf and find some of these masterpeices I've missed so much. ;-) Thanks for putting this together!

Nari @ The Novel World said...

I've already brought down all my old BSC books from my mom's attic. Now I just need to figure out where I can store them all at my apartment...

melissa @ 1lbr said...

I wish I'd purchased some BSC books back when I was obsessed. The library supplied all my BSC needs. It has been so fun to visit these again.

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