Friday, June 19, 2009

Faith 'n' Fiction Saturday: Books for Dad

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Today's Topic
Well since tomorrow is Father's Day and it's likely that a few of you may still need to purchase a Father's Day gift why not books?

Do you have a book you'd recommend as a Father's Day gift? I'm particularly interested in any Christian fiction books you'd recommend for dads, since I'm always reading that men read less fiction than women!

My Answer
I think some good old non-fiction by Ravi Zacharias or Philip Yancey or the classic C.S. Lewis is always a good bet. For fiction you might try Ted Dekker. I really actually need help on this, so I'm eager to hear your thoughts!

Your Turn


Sandy Nawrot said...

A friend of mine discovered a book called "Man in the Mirror", and bought cases of it and gave it out to every guy he knew. My husband has a copy, although he hasn't read it (he is a non-reader!). I don't think it is fiction, but very Christian.

Anonymous said...

Interesting question Amy. It definitely made me think this Saturday morning :)

Jennifer @ Quiverfull Family said...

Okay, this is totally non-fiction but for fathers of unmarried daughters I unreservedly recommend Voddie Baucham's What He Must Be. For fiction, hmmm...I just read Enclave by Karen Hancock and I think Dads into sci-fi would really enjoy it!

Heather said...

I know that it is a little late, but my boys got my husband 2 of Preston and Childs books (he is only reading this series right now).

My husband really enjoys the following authors..James Rollins, Clive Cussler, Robert Ludlom, Stephen Hunter and Preston and Childs

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