Saturday, May 9, 2009

Faith 'n Fiction Saturday: Please read this Author/Book

Welcome to Faith 'n Fiction Saturday. If this is your first time participating, please read this post. It will tell you everything you need to know!

Today's Topic
It doesn't take long hanging around people who read Christian fiction before the usual names come up. Janette Oke. Francine Rivers. Karen Kingsbury. Dee Henderson. Ted Dekker. Frank Peretti. These are the best-sellers...the authors everyone knows. But there are so many authors who get less coverage but have huge amounts of talent. Today, choose either an author you think deserves a wider readership or a book you wish more people had read and share about them on your blog! Because as you all know, we need to add to our TBR (to be read) lists!

My Answer

A book I wish had received more coverage was J.M. Windle's Betrayed. Even though I myself left this book off my top ten last year, I wish I hadn't. It's a gorgeous book in that it masterfully combined mystery with education...I was interested in the mystery but also learned a lot about the conditions of the people in Guatemala. I still think of it often...the scenes in this book really drove home the concept the "dumpster children" for me. It also made me fall in love with the old hymn "This is My Father's World" all over again. If you haven't read this one, I highly highly recommend it.

To be fair, it was a Christian Fiction Blog Alliance Review book and I even read a review for it in the newsletter Shelf Awareness. But I never heard any real buzz and I think that's a real shame. I recently got the ARC (advanced reading copy) for her new book, Veiled Freedom, and I absolutely cannot wait to read it.

Your Turn
What book or author do you think deserves more buzz? Tell us all and drop the link in below!


twiga92 said...

I think Windle also wrote some books based in South America - The DMZ and Crossfire. She's a missionary kid which interests me.

MizB said...

My answer is here, in case it doesn't show up in the Mr. Linky, again... don't know why I keep having trouble with it. But, thanks for hosting, Amy! :)

MizB said...

Sorry... my link didn't work. Trying again here.


Deborah said...

mine's rather short this week, out of town!

RAnn said...

This could be a dangerous topic

Nise' said...

Mr Linky was being stubborn for me this morning too. My post is here.

Brittanie said...

I read the DMZ by Jeanette Windle but I never finished the one you posted on. I got bogged down but I hope to revisit it and finish one day.

Staci said...

That book sounds interesting and I'm glad that you came back to re-visit it and shine some light on the author!! I'm off to check it out!

David Murdoch said...

As a rather obscure christian fiction author, I am very tempted to put my book's webpage in the blog sites above, although I feel like that might be cheating... in any event, I think some of the best christian stories I've heard that are not well known are the sorts of things that I've heard in priests' homilies at mass.

Jesus Himself gave stories and parables that no one understood with the exception of His disciples whom He explained everything to in private. I wonder how many such parables Jesus gave which were not recorded and passed into obscurity a long time ago.

God Bless,

Rel said...

Jeanette's books are fabulous! I have read them all including Veiled Freedom - it is brilliant :)

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