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LOST Discussion: LaFleur

Wow, another great episode. You know the drill...spoilers and much complaining about the final scene, ahem, speculation follow!!!


I'm really glad that the powers that be decided to show us what happened to the four left behind. Lo, and behold, there they were stuck in Dharma time. And if wouldn't be LOST if they didn't stumble on some sort of dramatic occurrence. And enter Reiko Aylesworth! I so loved her as Michelle Dessler on 24, and I keep hoping her career picks up. And it's about time we had someone named Amy on LOST, don't you think? :)In any case, Sawyer's quick thinking and Juliet covering him rescue Amy but in the process kill two of the hostiles, AKA "the others" Amy tearfully pleads that they bury the bodies and carry her husband back to camp.

Well the DI is having none of these new arrivals, and good ole Horace tells them they need to get on the next submarine off the island. Sawyer's none too happy...he wants to hang around and wait for Locke to come back.

Meanwhile, Daniel is beside himself with grief and just sort of stunned and shell shocked. And Miles is less than impressed with the decision making capability of Sawyer. Jin really didn't have many lines.

The Hostiles figure out that some of their men are missing and here comes Richard Alpert. Sawyer decides to handle the situation (eyeliner, ha!) and comes right out and tells Richard what happened. Richard isn't buying it until Sawyer recounts some recent time flash events. Richard still demands someone be held responsible so they offer up the body of Amy's dead husband. This buys them some more time on the island and Sawyer pleads with Juliet to stay with him. Be still my heart.

I loved how they teased us with the Sawyer/Juliet relationship. Man, was I hoping hoping hoping! I know a lot of you hate it with all of your might, but didn't they look like a nice happy stable couple? But then they had to go ruin that nice tender beautiful scene with all that Kate coming back to the island crap!!!! Ah well, we'll see if Sawyer is truly over Kate as he says or not.

The only other thing of note to mention in the "present" (ha!) is that Juliet successfully delivered Amy's baby. No death. Oh, and Sawyer being called Jim? No.

Favorite Lines
Miles: Or maybe when we get there, you'll, you'll want to go back to the Orchid again. And when that gets boring we can head back to the beach. It's the only two plans you people have. (it's so true!!!!!)

Daniel: It doesn't matter what we do, whatever happened, happened.
Sawyer: Yeah, thanks anyway, Plato!

Let's Discuss
Why did pregnant women start dying on the island?
Why did the DI decide to let the LOSTies stay?
Was Amy's baby significant? Or did said child die in the purge?
Are they really going to shoot Sayid? (the answer to this should be no)
And the main the heck is having the extra LOSTies back really going to solve anything? They got there....but Sawyer, Jin, and Juliet really didn't look like they needed saving did they?
Why were the hostiles attacking Amy and husband?

Big boo that we have to wait two weeks for another episode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Anonymous said...

I have to say that Lost is making less and less sense every episode. The writers keep adding these storylines that are backed up by nothing. It seems like none of the characters are really aware or care about how bizarre of a situation they are in. Why does John Locke need to die in order for the Oceanic 6 to come back to the island? Why do they need to come back to the island to save the others? Why do none of the characters ask any questions? I mean, we havn't even really gotten a clear answer on what The Others were dong on the island, and Juliet is one of them. Why dosn't she tell them in detail who exactly The Others are, what they were doing on the island, and all the details that she knows about the island. Why don't the rest of them try to get more answers from her. Who are the Dharma initiative? Its obvious that they are doing research and stuff, but I just find it really strange how Sawyer and people don't just ask them wtf is going on? It seems like none of the characters care about getting answers anymore. This show is pissing me off. Anyways, if you missed tonights episode, check it out online here...

...and try to see if my rant makes any sense to you.

Chrisbookarama said...

2 weeks! I can't wait that long!

I LOVE Sawyer & Juliet together. They look so happy. Then Stinky Kate will ruin it all. I muttered and complained to dh when I saw 'their moment'. Blech.

Miles was so funny! And I enjoyed the eyeliner comment by Sawyer. (What is all that about?)

What about the giant statue they saw for 2 secs?!

I love this show but Cabbie has a point. Why doesn't anyone ask what's going on?

Sarah at SmallWorld said...

I thought this was a great episode! I was hoping to hear the baby's name, but he MUST be someone significant. And little girl Charlotte! That is just creepy.

Anonymous said...

This season is jumping all over the place, kind of driving me crazy.. but it is what it is, and I do love this show nonetheless.

I liked seeing Juliet display some emotion. That woman was always too eerily calm in my opinion. I like the idea of Juliet and Sawyer living happily ever after on Dharma camp, but I don't think they fit as well as Sawyer and Kate, and Juliet/ Jack combo. I also couldn't get used to seeing Sawyer in the responsible leader role.

That baby has to be someone significant- Ben, Ethan, Charles??

It was heart wrenching to see young Charlotte waving at Daniel.

I thought it was weird when Jack, Hurley, and Kate all saw Sawyer, didn't they think he'd died when he jumped out of the plane? Why'd they just stand there and smile at him?

The new characters are going to take some getting used to. Looking forward to seeing Sun see Jin alive. I hope that Sayid doesn't really get shot- that just can not happen.

Good episode, I love your re cap and discussion!!

Alix said...

It was excellent last night! I love that Swayer and Juliet got together (although no more of this Jim stuff - please!). I also loved the is three years long enough to get over someone conversation.

The baby must be important but I can't work out with the ages who it could be, unless he does some time travel.

Can't wait for next week.

Oh and thanks for saying where I'd seen Amy before it was driving me crazy.

Deborah said...

i like how Jin can now speak fluent English after being on the island for 3 years. Must be a relief for Daniel Dae Kim!

I didn't know how I felt about it at first but I want Sawyer and Juliet together!!!!Talk about your love square. Jack and Kate, Kate and Sawyer, Sawyer and Juliet, Juliet and Jack. Kate does not need to end up with anyone. She had her chance with both and gave it up. Let Sawliet exist.

Damn that tease with the statue!!! I was so excited and then the flash!! I was reading boards while that scene happened and everyone got excited and then we were all let down.

For people living in the 70s, their clothes seemed quite modern. Loved the eyeliner bit! The scene with Farrady and young Charlotte was quite sad. Also enjoyed how there are now 4 Asians in the main cast. How often do you see that! Love how Miles has become one of the good guys...

"Please don't leave me with mad scientist, guy who sees dead people....Jin..he's a great guy but not good conversationist!"

Suey said...

Sawyer and Juliet together weirded me out at first. But then, I felt the same way when Kate appeared and all I could think was "poor Juliet." Sawyer looked fabulous all cleaned up! So smilely and dimpley! I agree with the Jim thing too. Ew.

The moment with little Charlotte and Daniel reminded me of The Time Traveler's Wife. Anyone else?

The previews with Sayid did look quite troublesome!

S. Krishna said...

I'm so glad you love Sawyer/Juliet too! I have someone to commiserate with if it goes wrong, and let's face it, this is LOST so there's a good chance something is going to go wrong!

I really thought Amy's baby was going to be Charlotte, but I guess not!

I forgot to talk about this in my post, but what about the truce? Didn't Richard's men violate it first if they killed Paul?

Jen said...

This was one of my favorite episodes EVER!! So many funny lines (the one you quoted above was HILARIOUS) and also many parts that gave me chills.

I loved how they mentioned the polar bears. I've been wondering about them. So, they must have had something to do with the DI's experiments. Hmmm...interesting.

And yes, I cringed with the whole Sawyer/Juliette scenes. He obviously isn't over Kate.

Can't wait for the next episode! Why 2 weeks?!!

Anonymous said...

What was the book Sawyer was reading with his new man-glassses? I loved his lady-glasses on the beach - I didn't get to see the title. You are so right - I was horrified and then I warmed up to the idea after seeing Sawyer - happy.

Nise' said...

My son guessed they were looking at the statue. You are so right, Sawyer being called Jim?! NO.
I'm dying to know who the baby is, you know its critical! My son said it was Locke, because he was raised an orphan, but I think he is older than 35!

kisatrtle said...

Great review. You hit all the highlights. And is time for an Amy. I'm wondering about the baby. I'm also wondering where Rose and Bernard are. I not as enthusiastic about Juliet and Sawyer, but I really hate Kate. If I keep thinking my nose may start to bleed.

Jenny Girl said...

Unfortunately I don't have many answers to your questions.
I do think the baby is significant in that it happens before the purge. I think the purge is a starting point for events. Bad kharma and stuff. That H Bomb would affect more than women dying while pregnant.
I still want to know about DI. How did they get there, etc.
And I'm with you: I love Sawyer and Kate together. I was so happy, and oohhing and ahhing :) How cute!

Cainan & Ryker said...

The Time Traveller's Wife...exactly!!!! Love that book.

Could the baby be Jacob??????

I think they accidently dig up the leaky bomb, which realeases a bunch of radiation, which causes the fertility problems.

Lenore Appelhans said...

Do you ever read the recaps at Best Week Ever? They are so snarky and hilarious! A lot of people are saying the baby is Ethan...

Anonymous said...

I don't watch LOST (gasp!), but I've been reading your re-caps since you started them. I may have to get busy with Netflix and go all the way back to season one!

Anonymous said...

Didn't Ben say he's the only person that has ever been born on the island? I think the baby is Ben. Everything is getting so confusing!

Wrighty said...

I don't always get to comment but I love your recaps every week. I really like that they show last week's episode at 8:00 before the new episode at 9:00. We are often at our kids' ball games and sometimes miss a show so I get to watch it the next week. I like the little notes they flash on the bottom of the screen that give great clues but I hate that I feel like I have to have my eyeballs glued to the screen for the whole hour. It's already tough to try to catch every little thing on that show and I don't want to miss anything. What does everyone else think of the text on the screen or don't you watch the repeat the next week?

Kat's pages said...

I loved this episode of lost. I never know what is going to happen next. Something came to me after this episode though that I put out as food for thought. I wonder if the staged plane crash wasn't staged by that the plane crashed for real somewhere in time either in the past of the future. They are back on the island in the past and eventually their plane will crash again maybe that is why in the first episode Jack walks out of the jungle.

Amy said...

Cabbie et. all I totally agree...why don't they ask any questions?? Sometimes it's almost unbelievable!

Chris, Swapna, Deborah, Alexa, Jenny...I'm so glad you agree about Sawyer and Juliet!

The rest of you will just have to come around. :)

Ha, I totally forgot to mention the statue but that was awesome!

and must netflix LOST..and I'll be giving away the first season at the end of the month as part of my blogiversary.

Natasha..I think Ben was born off island?

Anonymous said...

Ooo I love them together too!! I just want Kate and Jack to piss off. They're screwed up enough for each other.

I'm surprised you didn't mention the statue! My boyfriend was saying that people on the LOST forums think that it's of Sawyer done by the Natives or something like that. I think they were thinking more time travelling happens.

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