Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Some Tweety Thoughts

Now that the election is over and I'm done listening to tremendously misleading and confusing political ads, it's time to talk about Twitter again.

Originally, I had planned this post to be about how great Twitter is and how I feel like I've made so many new friends and got to know so many of blog friends better, etc.

But then I discovered Qwitter. I decided to use it because I had noticed once or twice when people stopped following me and I could no longer direct message them. But I have to admit it was a bit of a blow to get the qwitter updates!

I think of Twitter as a place of community. But in the end, it's quite easy to simply stop following someone. And it's hard not to feel a bit bummed about that. And to wonder what I did to cease being interesting enough to follow.

Do you use Twitter? How do you feel when someone stops following you? How do you decide who to follow? Have you ever been confronted by someone you stopped following?


Anonymous said...

I guess it's my age, but I don't really get twitter. My husband has a twitter account, but he never updates it.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm - I hadn't heard of quitter. I HAVE noticed that my followers total suddenly drops one or two in size and wondered why. I thought it was because Twitter had disqualified a twitterer as a spammer, which in some cases was probably was true. Twitter can be abused and those predisposed to abusing a good thing will of course do that.

When I first joined twitter I'd just click on anyone to follow them hoping they'd follow me back - get a jump on the thing, you know. Probably not a good policy. Now I actually click on their profile and get an idea of what their interests are, and if they are of at least SOME of the same ilk as me I follow them. I do the same now when I get a new follower before deciding to follow them back.

No, I don't get my feelings hurt if someone chooses to stop following me. No biggie.

Shelly B said...

I have tried to use Twitter, but to no avail, during the Read-a-Thon. If someone could help me with the ins and outs of it, I'd love to follow some of you.

Never heard of Qwitter, but I'm new to all of this.

Jean Henry Mead said...

I love Twitter and tweet several times a day. I've met people from around the world who inquire about my books and ask for writing advice. It's my favorite "community" site on the internet.

Anonymous said...

I have a Twitter account, but after trying it for a couple days, I lost interest. It's neat and all, but it feels like "just one more thing to update". Also, I have Facebook, which has a status update too. I know you can attach your Twitter to your Facebook, but it all just seems like too much. As for "following", I like to see what friends are up to on Facebook. But meeting new people, that's what I like about blogging!

Ali said...

I don't worry about who's following me or not, though I guess if everyone ditched me I'd be bummed!

Jena said...

I think a lot of the people following me were hoping I'd follow them in return--business twitterers, I figured. I didn't. I don't think they've bothered removing me from the twitterers they follow. I don't even pay attention to the numbers. I'm only following six or seven people, so it's not too overwhelming and it's really fun. I'm following a few book bloggers, a food blogger, Bill Barnes of the Unshelved comic strip (he cracks me up), and a few friends who live far away now. As long as they keep updating, I don't care who's following me, or who's decided I'm not interesting enough to keep following.

Gracious, I leave long comments.

Anonymous said...

Well, I know we both follow each other and it's been a blast although I've been quiet the last couple of days. I do admit that I have a lot of people follow me that feels spammy, they are just trying to get my attention. I'm very choosy on who I follow. It's not about the numbers it's about the relationships. Since I have started on Twitter the thing that I have enjoyed the most is that there was this whole background chatter of book bloggers that I didn't know about. Now I feel like I'm more part of the group. It's also easy to Twitter when you use a plug-in that works with your browser.

caite said...

no Facebook for me. There are only so many hours in the day and I can live without anymore things to update and check.

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