Monday, November 3, 2008

Some Movies I Saw Recently that Were Worth the Time

I've been wanting to blog about some of the movies I've been seeing lately, but haven't had a chance, however, I do want to mention two that sort of have the similar theme of fighting against the odds and overcoming adversity.

Flash of Genius

I really enjoyed this one. It's the story of Robert Kearns who invented the intermittent windshield wiper and then had Ford attempt to steal it from him without giving him anything. It was an incredibly huge, long, and uphill battle for him and in the process he was both hospitalized for mental problems and lost his wife and family. What I appreciated about this film is that I didn't always like this guy. He got on my nerves sometimes and yet he was absolutely filled with conviction that what he was doing was right. And he was doing it for more than just himself, he was doing it for all the people who's intellectual property had been stolen from them. So he was a hero in many ways and yet it came at a tremendous personal cost. I recommend's also pretty clean and family friendly which is always something of a relief.


This is the story of Christine Collins whose son disappeared in 1928. Six months after his disappearance, police brought a boy to her who claimed to be her son. He wasn't and when she insisted that he wasn't, she got put in a mental ward by the police. It's actually a really fascinating story. She exposed some corruption in the police force through her perseverance and helped to bring some reform. I do have to warn, however, that this film has an extended execution scene that I could have lived without. Apart from that, however, it's a heartbreaking and fascinating look at this story.

Watching movies like this serves a purpose for me. It reminds me that nothing good comes without a fight. It gives me that subtle kick in the pants to fight against injustice even when it comes at great personal cost. It's a reminder that while I'm pleased to live in a country with a government that allows me certain freedoms, those freedoms must be continually fought for because it is human nature to corrupt and no human in power can be absolutely trusted. And those are all good reminders as we head into the final days of voting (ha!). No matter who wins, there will still be problems and it will be the little folk, you and me living our lives for freedom and justice that will make the greatest overall impact. End of sermon.

Anyone else seen these movies?


Anonymous said...

Haven't seen 'em yet but now I want to.

BTW, I have dutifully posted my obligatory 7 bookish & random things about myself - you little stinker (smile) and tagged 7 other poor unsuspecting blogging souls.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review of Changeling. I keep thinking that one looks pretty good.

Jena said...

Saw Changeling this weekend. Really liked it. Didn't cry as much as I thought I would. Hope Angelina does get nominated for an Oscar for her role--she was superb.

Yasmin said...

I want to see Changeling...thanks for the mini-review.

Anna said...

I want to see Changeling, but I'll have to wait for the DVD. I don't get to go to the movies often, and I'm saving my couple of chances for Twilight and The Tale of Despereaux.

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