Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Review: The Book (Bible Illuminated)

Now that I've had a chance to take a look at the finished product, I'm even more impressed. I think it's challenging to take something like the Bible which is so deeply revered by so many people and change it up while staying true to its content. I do think The Book succeeds. The entire New Testament is there in the easily digestable Good New Translation.
I would call this a fresh interpretation of the Bible. It's obviously not like reading your own personal Bible as gorgeous and stunning photograpy has been added, certain verses have been given more attention and highlighted, and the numbering of verses has been removed. I do think it would make a lovely piece to add to a coffee table, or even for someone trying to read the Bible for the first time. My only complaint is that this gorgeous book is exactly like a magazine....I think many people would gladly purchase a sturdier glossy hardcover for more longevity.

If you are participating in the Buy Books for the Holidays campaign, I think this would make an excellent gift for any churchgoing folk you know or anyone with an interest in specialized books.


Anonymous said...

I've read several other reviews that indicate that the content/photos are excellent, but wonder about the durability, due to the magazine-style binding.

I wonder if the publishers thought it would be more accessible to people in this format?

Maybe if the Book itself is well-received they'll re-publish it with a sturdier/more traditional binding.

Sarah at SmallWorld said...

I have a Bible titled The Book that was given to me as a gift about 9 years ago. I wonder if it's the same translation? I think it is New Living Translation. Anyway, I LOVE this translation. I still prefer the NIV, but for a fresh look, this one is great. I'm actually doing my read-through-the-Bible in a year with The Book this time for that fresh perspective.

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