Saturday, November 8, 2008

Faith 'N Fiction Saturday: My First Christian Fiction Book

Hi all!

I've been working on a new project (to be revealed in less than an hour!) and just generally busy living life, so I'm sorry my answer is coming so late!

I don't know specifically what the first Christian fiction book I read was, but I remember reading books by John Benton when I was young. These books were usually about teens who had lived on the streets, involved with drugs or prostitution who came to know Jesus and were saved through Teen Challenge. I loved those books! Did anyone else read them? The title was usually just the name of the person, for example, Nikki.

And of course I read the Mandie books and Janette Oke books.

I've pretty much always read Christian fiction, though I've also read general market all along as well.


Sunny said...

I think it's great all of you who have read Christian fiction all along. I havent heard of those books but they sound interesting!

Alyce said...

I forgot about the Mandi books, I loved those!

Carole said...

I don't remember what my first book was, but it was probably one of Grace Livingston Hill's. I still have many of her books in paperback and plan to reread some of them.

Anonymous said...

Crazy I was just trying to remember the name of those John Benton books! I remember reading those as well and checked them out from my school library. I didn't know anyone else read those!

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