Friday, October 17, 2008

Some Newsy Stuff

This weekend I am participating in the 24 hour Read-a-thon (does anyone else constantly mistype that to be thong???) but I'll be updating over at The Friendly Book Nook instead of here. I have many many reading goals including reading Twilight, and about 40 other books. My mom is participating as well. We'd like to raise money for Compassion International's Global Food Crisis Fund. You can read more about that here.

Starting Saturday, I'll be hosting a new carnival/round robin event for lovers of Christian fiction. If you like Christian fiction, please join in! It will basically be modeled after the many other bookish memes with the goal of connecting bloggers who read and review Christian fiction together.

If you won a book during BBAW and have not yet received don't panic yet. I may have contacted you long before I was able to send your address in. I shipped about half of the giveaways and publishers are shipping the rest. I waited until I had all the addresses to send in any list.

Now...what are your weekend plans?


Anonymous said...

Good luck to you and your mom!

tanabata said...

I'll be doing the read-a-thon too. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the read-a-thong! ;o) I'll be cheering everyone on (not an official cheerleader though).

Oooo the carnival sounds wonderful! Cant wait! Is it going to be here or at the Friendly Book Nook?

Anonymous said...

I'm going to be busy with the read-a-thon too! Have to stock up on books today!!!

MySharonAnne said...

I'm going to be a read-a-thong cheerleader.

shelburns said...

I too will be reading in the read-a-thon. Since I've finished Twilight, I'm going to complete New Moon and move on ot Eclipse.

Anonymous said...

Amy, 40 books?!?! How many of those do you actually plan to finish?

Amy said... will be here!


wordlily, tanabata, Sharon and Shel...oh what fun for us! ;)

Shana...I KNOW! I just like to keep my options open. Last time I read 5. It will be weekend of the YA books, though, so I might get a few more done as some of them are short.

caite said...

No reading for me this weekend because it is the weekend of The NJ Lighthouse Challenge. I will be driving and climbing and taking pictures!

Nise' said...

I did not know about the read-a-thon but I will be reading Stephanie Meyers books as well because my 17 year old son, (a non-reader), read Twlight in 3 days and my 21 year old son read it in 4 days, so I HAVE to find out why! Both have moved on to New Moon.

Ausjenny said...

wow even 5 books is a lot im lucky to read 2 a week.
good luck.
i have just been to our local show and now home for the afternoon its hot so i wont be online much so hopefully will read. Still not feeling that well and lacking energy

Jackie B. said...

I wish I was staying home and reading this weekend but no such luck. I have a yucky job to get done this weekend. I will be pressure washing sidewalks at a local plaza. It is a hard and long job but it pays well!More money to buy more books!

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