Friday, October 31, 2008

My Favorite TV Couples

Last week Booking Through Thursday asked about favorite literary couples and I just couldn't think of any literary couples that I LOVE LOVE LOVE.

But I almost immediately thought of my favorite TV couples. (who I do sort of feel strongly about) I think (and agree with Florinda) that it's easier to think of favorite TV couples because you get to see the relationship develop overtime and see the chemistry of the actors, etc.

So while I should probably save this for Valentine's Day or something, I thought I'd talk about my favorite TV couples.

Felicity and Ben

For some reason, I just LOVE Felicity and Ben. And a great deal of it is probably that I love Felicity. I know some people found her annoying, but I found her incredibly endearing. Maybe because I related so much to the trying to find meaning in everything/overanalytical side of her. And Ben was so mysterious with that barely above a whisper voice. And that smile.... Long before the bigger successes of Alias and LOST, J.J. Abrams worked on this little gem of a show. There's nothing more romantic than a girl chasing a boy across the country, learning to stand on her own two feet, and then eventually winding up with him anyway. Sometimes, the on again off again tension could get to be a little much but I loved these two. I love this show.

Buffy and Spike
I'm sure that this one comes as no surprise after yesterday's post, but this was the first TV couple I cared strongly about being together. The chemistry between them was super hot and the amount that Spike suffered for Buffy was incredibly romantic. You're going to see the theme of the bad boy real life, I actually go for the nice guys but I'm much more forgiving of fictional TV characters. :)

Logan and Veronica
Yes, yes, yes, LoVe all the way. I think I've said it before, but Logan Echolls is quite possibly my favorite bad boy on TV. I remember watching the pilot for Veronica Mars and thinking how perfectly Jason Dohring was cast. From the very first seed planted that Logan and Veronica would get together, I was a total shipper! I just wish they hadn't trashed their relationship in season 3. Even so, the relationship still ended on a decent note with Logan beating the crap out of that guy.

Here's a perfect example of why I love Logan and how all the intense relationship scenes always seemed to play out. (Logan pouring out his heart and Veronica freaking)

Chuck and Blair
Sadly, I haven't had a lot of satisfaction in this relationship yet. However, I do think they are meant to be, as fangirly as that sounds. I just don't think we'll arrive there anytime soon. Their chemistry is amazing and they are so well suited to each other. Blair is the most interesting heroine I've ever rooted for on TV. She's not self-sacrificing and saving the world like Buffy, kind and intelligent like Felicity, or driven by justice like Veronica. Instead, she's rich, selfish, and still deeply insecure. She's manipulative and seemingly heartless, and yet, I prefer her to Serena any day of the week. And Chuck is just as wounded. LOVE THEM!

Penny and Desmond

My favorite epic love story! I just really hope there is no killing of the Penny or the Desmond in the next 34 episodes. Penny and Des forever!!! In fact, let's have a look at that beautiful phone call again.

There aren't any other couples I really care about. I would be interested in a Naomi /Dell relationship on Private Practice, but I don't know if the show will ever go there. I prefer Kate and Sawyer together on LOST, but I won't die if she ends up with Jack. (talk about some really fervent shippers, though...) Once upon a time, I loved Meredith and Derek but that show did a great job of making me just not care.

So, um, do you like any of the same couples? Who are your favorite TV couples?


Anonymous said...

I just really like Addison... but I don't know that I've really liked her with anyone yet. I always watch Private Practice online when I just can', haha. That and Pushing Daisies. I like Ned and Chuck! Have you ever seen that show? It's hysterical!

Michelle Fluttering Butterflies said...

I'm definately with you on Felicity/Ben. Hmm. I'll have to think about the rest..

Deborah said...

penny and desmond FTW!!!!! i cried at the finale last season when they finally met. the best episode last season was when he goes back in time to tell her about him. i was so scared in the finale that the boat was going to blow up or something so they wouldn't be reunited. best couple ever!

Anonymous said...

Great post! I would be totally remiss if I didn't mention Pam & Jim from The Office. I have loved them from the very first season....I whooped with joy when they finally kissed on the season finale a few years ago, and I cried when Jim proposed earlier this season, and that is totally out of character for me. They're just so freaking cute. I also love Marshall and Lily on How I Met Your Mother, probably because they remind me of my husband and me.

S. Krishna said...

PENNY AND DES!!! I love Lost and they are one of the best parts of the show.

Stacie said...

I guess we don't watch the same shows, but for me it would be the classic couple...The Brady's from The Brady Bunch and then current couple Ross and Rachel from Friends.

Florinda said...

After my comment yesterday, it should be no surprise that Buffy and Spike are also a favorite TV couple of mine. And I was going to mention Kate and Sawyer from Lost - I definitely prefer Kate with him than with Jack - but thank you for reminding me about Penny and Desmond, who have had several wonderful scenes that made me tear up. (How long till that show comes back, anyway?)

And I am also with RJSBookLady about Jim and Pam, even though I did like Jim with Karen too.

Anonymous said...

I was actually more of a Felicity/Noel fan myself. I also love Pam/Jim. So of my other favs include Lorelei/Luke from Gilmore Girls and Joey/Pacey from Dawson's Creek.

Jen Robinson said...

Oh, yes to Joey and Pacey, Amy R. And I am with Kate and Sawyer, even though I like Jack as a character. I was also crazy about Liz and Max from Roswell (obscure but awesome). There was this thing where Liz had to break Max's heart to save his life (or so she thought anyway), and I was utterly crushed.

Jen said...

Here are mine:

Pacey and Joey--Dawson's Creek
Pam and Jim--The Office
Kevin and Winnie--The Wonder Years

I tried to skip over the Blair and Chuck part because I didn't want to see any spoilers, but yes, I do love them together.

Lori said...

Thanks for the awesome VM fix, I love LoVe too! And Felicity and Ben were also EPIC. ;)

Amy said...

um, wow, well I don't watch the Office, but clearly I'm missing out on a great couple!

Rebekah--I love Pushing Daisies but I can't seem to get really excited about Ned and Chuck. In fact, I'd almost like to see a Ned Olive hook-up...I know that's PD blasphemy. ;)

Deborah...I know!!! I was so worried they were going to off Desmond especially with all the death rumors. You know I forgot to mention Jin and Sun. I love them, too, b/c there story was just so beautiful and full of forgiveness. Jin better be alive somehow!

Michelle..I look forward to hearing your other fave couples. :)

Rebecca...I don't watch the Office or HIMYM...DVds one day, I guess. (I cried during the Desmond/Penny phone I totally get that)

Swapna...yay! I love LOST, too, in case you hadn't figured it out. ;)

Stacie..I like Ross and Rachel but actually really liked Chandler and Monica. ;)

Florinda...not soon enough!

Amy R (I'm Amy R too, btw!)--I was wondering if a Noel fan would speak up. I was always pro-Ben, but I did like the character of Noel.

Jen--I only saw like 12 episodes of Roswell, but when I read Twilight, Edward saving Bella reminded me of Max saving Liz..weird, huh? I like Jack as a character as well...I think he's one of the best developed characters--flaws and all--on television.

Jen--glad to hear it. :)

Lori--don't you miss VM? Glad to meet another fan.

Deborah said...

if they kill jin i am going to stop watching.

ok i lied. there's no way i'm going to stop watching the BEST SHOW EVER.

but i will be very angry.

Lori said...

Amy, I'm still in mourning over the loss of VM. There was no other show like it! At least it lives on in my dvd player... ;) Great post! I'm enjoying getting to know your blog!

Anonymous said...

The most wonderful couple is Logan and Veronica of course ! But i love too Felicity and Ben and Spike and Buffy..i think you are in my head !! lol

Anonymous said...

I've been always a fan of Desmond and Penny's relationship ... but ... after viewing "Chuck" (the whole season1 and season2 from s02e01 to s02e11) ... my vote goes to Chuck and Sarah ... they are incredibly hilarious, dramatic, romantic and all-involving ...

And, but it's my point of view, this happens because theres is nothing more involving than a show that touch every single emotion of the human heart:

they can be funny in a sequence and tragic and dramatic in the next scene ... and this bitter-sweet swing makes heavier the hard moments, funnier the hilarious ones and tear-jerker the romantic ones.

My english is not so good so I hope I made myself clear ....

Anonymous said...

For me, it has always been about the Harts from Hart to Hart. They presented this ideal that married couples could be fun, loving, and still totally hot for each other. And they solved mysteries!

Chrisbookarama said...

I'm totally with you on Desmond and Penny.

I would also add Loreli and Luke from The Gilmore Girls.

Amy Bennett said...

Ah, I LOVED Felicity and Ben!!!

I'd have to add Lucas and Peyton from OTH on here.

I never got into Buffy or VM. Hmm...

I can't help but like Jack and Kate on LOST. I also love Kate and Sawyer too. Not a very good shipper am I?

Lauren said...

Yes! I love Chuck and Blair! Other favorite couple? Monica and Chandler. They were much cuter than Ross/Rachel in my opinion.

(Diane) bookchickdi said...

Big LOVE for Logan and Veronica and Sawyer and Juliet.

Angiegirl said...

Oh my GOSH. I am now going to have to put my own list together. This is a great one, Amy. Big props for Logan/Veronica and Spike/Buffy. Those two are sort of the pinnacle right there. *happy sigh*

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