Friday, September 5, 2008

Thanks for the Nomination!

I didn't have a chance to say it to my readers, but thank you for nominating me! And for nominating Book Blogger Appreciation Week! I was terribly humbled by that and now I feel all kinds of pressure to make sure it's the best week EVAH!

I think it will be cool. Some people have asked if I have anything planned, and the answer is yes! There will be an optional daily blogging topic making use of the super fabulous Mr. Linky, guest posts from some very special people, about a gazillion giveaways, and of course the presentation of the awards.

I'd also like to thank everyone who has chipped in thus far to help out and everyone who has stumbled the posts, posted about it on their blogs, twittered about it, and helped spread the word. I hope each of you are experiencing benefits from your involvement with BBAW so far.

My eyes aren't really staying open, so I'm gonna get some sleep. I know I owe some of you emails. They're coming. But I'm sleeping till I wake up tomorrow!


Lezlie said...

Congratulations, Amy! And thank you for everything you've done with this event. It's going to be spectacular! :-) I've emailed authors and editors that I've been working with, and they're very, very supportive of BBAW.


Serena said...

I happy to be among the blogs nominating and promoting BBAW and My Friend Amy. I think you have done a fantastic job thus far and I urge you to keep up the good work. :)

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