Thursday, September 11, 2008

Saturdays with Stella by Allison Pittman Giveaway!

How about a giveaway pre-BBAW? Here's some info about the book...

About the Book: Sometimes your best four-legged friend is also your best teacher

When you bring a new dog into your home, a wash of great joy can become a trial of perseverance as your furry pal chews, digs, yaps, and yes, piddles her way through every room in the house. Allison Pittman learned this all too well when she adopted a "tiny, shiny puppy of indefinable breed(s)." Stella wasted no time in turning her home upside-down as only a pup can.

As could be expected, six weeks of obedience school covered the much needed basics–sit, stay, come, and down. What Allison didn't expect was the spiritual benefit she would receive as each Saturday lesson revealed a fascinating metaphor. In this heart-warming, thoughtful, and often hilarious tribute to her beloved Stella, Allison Pittman shares how she came to understand what it means to follow the ultimate Master, including how to:

Sit!–at the feet of Jesus and listen for His voice
Drop It!–and let go of personal agendas
Come!–when it's time to run in the right direction
Stay!–in God's presence

In Saturdays with Stella, a slightly neurotic yet curiously adorable canine will not only capture your heart–she'll show you how captivating you are to God.

Please also check out Saturdays with Stella on Amazon.

GIVEAWAY: Want to win a copy? Just leave a comment and tell me about a special animal in your life! Thanks!


Anonymous said...

I have not owned any kind of pet. But frogs interest me. They seem so muh near to nature.

Unknown said...

I'm currently "mommy" to 6 cats - I know, I'm that crazy cat lady. But I'm fast approaching the empty nest syndrome (my baby is 16) and my furry buddies love to keep me company. It's so funny when they all 6 jockey for positions in my lap!

Mollie said...

I have a 3 year old mini-Dachshund. She is my heart. My family always had dogs but she is the first that was completely MY responsibility. I love her to pieces!

Anonymous said...

Vader is the life-blood of our family. He's the first to greet you when you wake up or arrive home and he's the last one there when you fall asleep or leave. He's a constant source of joy and entertainment. He is very loved - and in return - I feel very loved!

Gwendolyn said...

We are thinking about getting a dog . . . I've only ever had cats, myself. I suppose my favorite was Sam. He was exceptionally smart - even knew how to turn doorknobs! However, he had identity issues -- he didn't know if he was a rabbit or a duck! That's a story in itself! Thanks for a chance to win what might just convince to take the plunge into Dogland!

Tarasview said...

I have an especially cool cat named Shadow. He is a year old and follows us (literally) to school every morning. He's great.

Ilissa said...

I have a supper cute polodacto cat(I don't know how to spell it. But she has more toes than usual.) Her name is Stitch and she is 4.5 years old.

Anonymous said...

We had to put our puppy wuppy, 14 yrs. old, down a few weeks ago. My heart still aches and we miss him so.
He was our companion, playmate, friend whatever a dog could be. He did tricks and loved to go for car rides.
In memory of Sam, our male Apricot toy poodle.

yourstrulee at sasktel dot net

Anonymous said...

The first dog we had, Wanda, was a miniature schnauzer. Although she was small, she was very smart and protective. She protected the yard from all sorts of dangerous critters, including one time she killed a garter snake that was on the move!

Anonymous said...

You make this one sound so funny! Baron is our huge 100 lb. or so Akbash/Pyrenee cross. He's a gentle giant!

Anita Yancey said...

The most specailly animal in my like was my pet beagle named Barbie when I was growing up. She went everywhere with me.

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