Thursday, September 25, 2008

Have a Wonderful Weekend!

I had all these grand plans of scheduling posts for while I'm away, updating my blogroll before I go, etc....

Well, it didn't happen. I'm still swamped with post-BBAW, and trip prep so sadly...the blog is going to be silent for the next few days apart from a few blog tours.

But since I burned up all your google readers during BBAW, maybe you're actually thanking me.

I'll be back early next week, so see you then! Also, I did manage to get Friday and Saturday's posts scheduled for The Friendly Book Nook and Camy Tang is our guest for Saturdays in the Nook, so be sure to stop in over there.

See you later!


darbyscloset said...

Have a great weekend and enjoy your time away!
You deserve it!!!!

Thomas said...

Safe travels. I hope that you have a great extended weekend.


Unknown said...

Have a safe trip and thank you for hosting book bloggers week.

photoquest said...

Have a Awesome weekend and a safe one.

Serena said...

have a great trip with some R&R!

Anonymous said...

Amy, have a great time in KY!

Anonymous said...

Rock on, Amy. You have done and are doing a fantastic job. Um, my stack of books to read is big enough to build a playhouse for little kids at this point! I don't mind; so much input from BBAW inspired a good bit of it.

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