Friday, September 19, 2008

Book Bloggers will Read Anywhere

In answer to the question, "What's the Craziest Place You've Ever Read?

"I read everywhere--in the checkout line at the grocery store, at traffic signals. I sneak in a chapter or two at work as well." Jen of Jen's Bookshelf

"In the obgyn's office after I have donned 'the robe'"--Kim of Window to my World

"On the top of a stopped ferris wheel. I was at a little local fair and the ferris wheel was stopped while they made some repair. I happened to have a paperback in my purse, as always, so I got a chapter in while they made repairs"--Lisa of Minds Alive on the Shelves

"A harder question would be wear haven't I read! Probably the strangest place I've ever read was at the movies, it was the hubby's movie choice and I was so bored and there was enough light, so I figured why not? I have also taken a book with me while in a canoe, not that strange but I'm terrified of boats, so it kept my mind off the fact that I was floating around in a piece of unstable fiberglass."--Joanne of Book Zombie

"Of course, I always read in the bathroom, but I think the craziest place was at a Tom Petty concert. I took a book with me to read before the concert started. People looked at me like I was crazy!" Bobbi of Bobbi's Book Nook

"As a kid I used to read as I walked home from school, just glancing up enough to see where I was going. As a grown up probably waiting in line at the post office." Tami of Tree Swing Reading

"I guess the craziest "place" I've ever read is standing up on a boston bus as it navigates the streets at top speed and the bus is packed so there is no where to hold onto." Serena of Savvy Verse and Wit

"craziest place I’ve ever read … hmm, there are a few bloggers with pics of themselves on their wedding day (reading!). I don’t have any of those, but I do remember getting some raised eyebrows when we returned from our honeymoon and people asked, “how was Hawaii?”. My answer? “Great! I read 5 books!”. Apparently *reading* is not what one is expected to enjoy on one’s honeymoon …. Who knew?! (you have to understand, we had both just graduated … reading for pleasure was such an unheard of GIFT!)" Dawn of She is Too Fond of Books

"The shower" Relz of Relz Reviewz

"My craziest is probably unusual due more to timing than to the actual place, but I did bring along something to read after my water broke and we went to the hospital for my daughter's birth. I'm not sure I actually retained much of what I read, but it did help to calm my nerves." Anna of OCD, vampires, and amusing rants, Oh My!

"Gosh, I read everywhere and anywhere, so I'm not sure which situation you would consider "craziest." I read while I was laying in the E.R. trying not to pass out from the pain of an ovarian cyst; I read while waiting out a hurricane in Virginia; I have read on airplanes, boats, and busses. Like I said, anywhere and everywhere." Susan of Bloggin Bout Books

"When reading Jamie Saul's Light of Day, I found myself unable to put the book down as I was coming to the end. I read on the subway, walking into my office building and in the elevator. The final capper came however, when I then retreated to a stall in the ladies room to finish the book (and cry) and ensure that no one would be able to bother me!" Book Club Girl

"I read everywhere, but I think the coolest/craziest place was while I was in Sweden and I sat near the water and had pigeons pecking at my feet. Haha." Liv of Liv's Book Reviews

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nadine said...

we do read everywhere don't we..hehe.
i guess the best place i've ever read is in the car on one of those really really long hourly rides. reading just takes you away and the distance doesn't seem so long anymore. [of course i wasn't reading while driving, i wasn't even the one]

Ronnica said...

You HAVE to read everywhere because your TBR list is always growing!

Anonymous said...

To Kim: I read in the gyno's office while wearing "the robe" just last week. She came in and asked me what it was about, and I had to try to explain The Gone-Away World while trying not to think about what was taking place.

Booklogged said...

It nice to know I'm in such good company. I love seeing people reading when I go places. Wished I saw more of it than I do.

I plan time at places on my trip so I can read there. It helps me remember the senses I experienced while there. And I usually remember the book, too. Of course, this plan doesn't contribute to getting a lot of reading done, because I keep soaking up the environment.

Anonymous said...

Did I totally miss you asking this question?

One of my odder favorite places to read and write is the train station near my day job. I go when I have long lunch breaks, and I love sitting still, while departures and arrivals are announced and people dash to and fro.

Colin Matthew ( said...

When I worked at Borders, I went to help sell books at a conference. There was something like 500 people in the room and from where I sat (in the back) I was the only male. So to pass the time while one of the speakers was speaking I started reading I Love Everybody (by Laurie Notaro). Needless to say, Notaro is hilarious and I started laughing at just the right moment when the speaker paused. Some ladies gave me disapproving looks.

Serena said...

I've even read while walking across busy streets in d.c., maryland, boston, and alexandria, va.

MaMa said...

I've read books in restaurants in Korea and on planes with seriously bad turbulence. Ugh!


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