Thursday, September 11, 2008

Blogging Changed My Life

Veronika at God-Writing tagged me for this. It's a fun one, because it's all about blogging!

Here's the idea:
Write about 5 specific ways blogging has affected you, either positively or negatively.

1) I care more and know more about people in the world in need. This is a result of reading blogs, more than actually blogging. But seeing the powerful way that blogs can spread ideas and get things done has been very cool.

2) People I don't know in real life are more inclined to read what I have to say than people I do know. Ugh. This is kind of negative for me, but I think it's more a result of how people either get blogging or they don't. I do have some real life friends and family who you!

3) I read more. It's true. In fact, I have a reading schedule. Books that have to be read and reviewed within certain time frames for both blogs. I've always read a lot, but now it consumes more of my life.

4) I've found people who share similar interests. This has to be coolest thing about the internet. Real life friends, bless them, can get tired of talking about your interests that you don't share. But online you can talk obsessively about books, or LOST, or theology and people are thrilled to join in.

5) I win things. Seriously, I never won anything before I entered blog contests, but I won the 14 book giveaway from Hachette at Bookroom Reviews out of like, 1,000 entrants! And I've won other books and DVDs. Still waiting for Compassion to invite me along on a trip, hint hint! ;)

This is actually a terribly fascinating topic to me, and I'd love to know other people's responses. so, I'm actually going to tag a few people and see if anyone plays along.
J.Kaye (she's always blogging! so I must know her answers!)
Kat --she was like, my blogging mentor.
Booking Mama --she obviously spends a lot of time on her blog
Euphrony --because I can
I guess that's all for now.


bermudaonion said...

When I started my blog, I thought my readers would be family and local friends. While a few of them do read regularly and some do occasionally, the bulk of my readers are people I don't know in real life. That was a big surprise to me, too. I've met some really nice people that way, though.

euphrony said...

Remind me on Monday. I won't have time today or tomorrow, and likely will be without power Saturday and Sunday as Ike does his thing.

Anonymous said...

LOL - Now I am going to have to put my thinking cap on. :)

Julie P. said...

I finally got around to posting this meme!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to take forever to get this posted. Here's the URL:

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