Friday, July 11, 2008

Life Changing Fiction?

Have you ever read a fiction book and had it change your life? I mean real change...concrete noticeable changes in your life as a result of reading a work of fiction? It doesn't have to be a classic, in fact, I'd love for it not to be!

If so, please tell me all about it! You can either email me at mypalamy AT gmail DOT com or use the contact form.

Alternately, I'm also open to stories about how film (though not documentaries) or scripted television has changed your life.

These don't have to be big changes like you gave up drinking alcohol or moved to another country or something, but stories about how you became a different person in some way because of a book (or film or tv show)

I'm closing comments because I want you to contact me directly. Please spread the word and send all of your friends here to tell me their stories as well. Thank you!

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