Tuesday, July 1, 2008

French Kiss: Heaven Looks Like a French Vineyard

Awhile ago, I mentioned that French Kiss was my favorite movie. Yes, that chick flick with Meg Ryan. I know, not exactly Oscar material.

There's the obvious superficial reasons I love that movie..it's funny, it's romantic, and a lot of it is in France.

But I'm happy to say that I was able to discover the real reason I love it at a Sacred Romance conference. I don't know if you've heard of John Eldredge but he's big into examining what blockbuster movies reveal about the human heart's longings and desires. So if you go to one of the conferences, you get to watch lots of film clips and stuff.

Anyway, we had an exercise where we were supposed to figure out what our favorite movie said about us. So as I sat there totally bewildered over what French Kiss revealed about me (I'm superficial? I like to laugh? I love France?), I had a moment where a light bulb went off over my head.

You see the basic plot line of French Kiss is that the Meg Ryan character (Kate) chases after her ex-fiance when he dumps while he's in France. She's terrified of flying, but in order to win back her love she hops a plane to France. During this whole wild and crazy event she meets up with a French con-man who is at first using her but then of course falls madly in love with her. It doesn't take long for Kate to realize she really doesn't want her fiancee after all and then she ends up on a vineyard with the French guy.

And it reflected my life at the time, and my life in general so well. So often I find myself chasing after the love that I think that I want...whether that be a person, a place, a career, etc. only to once more find that there is a greater love for me. He's not French, but He created the French and He created me and He loves me. Far better than anyone else ever will be able to. And He'll even use the loss of things I love to develop new character in me.

So yes, I like a good romantic comedy, but I also like to just settle into that knowing...that there is a better love for me. And to be reminded through a silly movie? What's wrong with that? Maybe Heaven really does look like a French vineyard.

What does your favorite movie reveal about you? :)

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Heather J. @ TLC Book Tours said...

this is one of my all time favorite movies - it's one that my sister and i loved to watch together and one of those that i'll watch whenever it comes on tv

thanks for sharing!

Jen said...

I don't think I've ever watched this movie all the way through. Now I really want to.

Well, you know the Notebook is my favorite movie and I swear I've had similar thoughts about this movie. I think I love the character of Noah so much because (aside from Ryan playing it) because it reminds me of the unconditional love that God has for me.

Great post! Thanks for participating.

Tash said...

What a great way to think about a film!

As for me...I don't think that I have a favourite film, at least not one that sticks to my heart in the way that French Kiss seems to have done to yours!

Amanda @ notsoextraordinary said...

wow that's such a great analogy! I've never really thought to do that... I'm totally going to give it some thought and see how mine relates to my life... thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for that post. lovely and so true:)

Angie said...

My favorite Meg Ryan movie is "You've Got Mail"....love that movie!

Hmmm, wonder what that says about me....

Heather said...

Hmmm... My favorite movie is "Singing in the Rain", so I suppose that it means I like to sing and dance. On a deeper level, I guess I also like how the two characters don't mean to fall in love, but they do and live happily ever after. [As an Eldridge fan, I'm sure you've read "Captivating" - so you know the whole "Prince to rescue the Beauty" theme].

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