Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Dr. Horrible

Oh please tell me you've watched it. (if you did watch it...what was your favorite part?) It is so absolutely delightful...I was giggling out loud and just generally very happy with life while watching. ;) This, dear friends, is the best thing that was born out of the writer's strike.

Also, if you weren't nerded out enough by me attending BEA this spring (and loving every second)...get this. Next weekend, I'm taking my life in my hands and going to San Diego Comic Con. I'm only going on Saturday, but I'm pretty excited. My sole and main purpose is to attend the LOST panel. I'm pretty annoyed that they scheduled the Dollhouse bit right after the LOST panel...I mean, there's just no way to do both. Which is a huge disappointment considering I'd love to see Joss Whedon. But LOST, well it calls first. I can't wait to see how people dress up for this thing!


Marie Cloutier said...

enjoy comiccon- I'm jealous, all the good conventions are on the west coast this year- bea, ala, comic con :-( oh well! i don't blame you for preferring barnes & noble- it's a great store too. :-)

Heather J. @ TLC Book Tours said...

TOO FUNNY! I've never even heard of Dr. Horrible, but that was hilarious!

I do love LOST too - as you know, since I'm in your challenge. And I guess ComicCon ties with DragonCon which I'd love to do to some day. ;)

Anonymous said...

Dr. Horrible rocks!! I got to work earlier today just to catch Act 2. Plus, I bought the season pass on iTunes. I HEART Joss.

Enjoy Comic Con. We have a ton of friends going, plus half of my office :) I sure wish it fit in with my job description.

Oh - And look for the Elvis Trooper. He's a good friend of ours!

Bryan said...

I've watched Dr. Horrible. The singing was just a delight! Great vocals and a catchy tune!

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