Saturday, July 26, 2008

Disneyland for Nerds--My Day at Comic Con

I went to Comic Con today for the first time ever. I'm not really all that knowledgeable about comics though I suspect I would really enjoy them if I took the time to. That doesn't matter though, because these days, Comic Con is more a celebration of the popular arts.

My main objective was to attend the LOST panel, but I had a few others I was interested in seeing. I didn't spend much time looking at booths because I needed to stand in line. Plus, there was no room to breathe in there. I heard much grumbling from attendees about how overcrowded it was this year.

I met lots of interesting people while standing in line for the LOST panel. The Heroes panel was right before the LOST panel and the entire cast was there so Heroes fans started camping out in line the night before. I'm not even kidding. I enjoy Heroes, I'm somewhat obsessed with LOST, but I would never do that. Thankfully, showing up a couple of hours early I still managed to snag a decent seat. The Heroes panel was loads of fun because the energy was so high among the fans. They also showed us the season three premiere! It was typical Heroes, but very good, lots of laughs, lots of drama, and of course some surprises. I had somehow managed to forget how hot Sendil Ramamurthy is too, but he was looking good. ;)

The LOST panel was Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse. They were funny and gave gifts to the fans who asked questions and that in itself was amusing. Of course they didn't really give us any of the answers we all really want, but they did say that Rousseau's story will be told in season 5! That's good news. Matthew Fox showed up as a surprise guest, and that was nice. He was also looking good. (sorry guys, but these things have to be said sometimes.) They also showed us a new Dr. Marvin Candle video in which we learned his real name. He seemed very distressed. He said...."Time is not of the essence, time IS the essence" hmmm... I'm sure it's already available in multiple places online. ;)

After the LOST panel I decided to head out and check out the rest of the Con. But having learned my lesson about the lines, I soon headed up to where the Pushing Daisies panel was to be held. That line was also massive. In order to guarantee my seat for Daisies, I sat through the panel before it, which is something I never would have chosen on my own but turned out to be incredibly fascinating. It was called Comics Across Media and was about the influence of comics in all media with a variety of guests (mostly writers). I might share more about that later.

Pushing Daisies also had the full cast and I just love Lee Pace! :) They were all very fun and interacted well with the audience. It's always fun to be with other fans. Pushing Daisies is really such an original and sweet show and unlike anything else on television right now. They teased the season ahead and Kristen Chenoweth even sang an impromptu song for us!

After Daisies, I went to the Fringe Q&A session. I missed my chance to see the pilot, but I was delighted at the chance to see J.J. Abrams in person. He had a hand in two of my most beloved TV series (Felicity and LOST) and this one looks good as well. It turns out he talks a lot. In any case, Josh Jackson and the two of the other actors were there as well (sorry to tired to look up their names) and while this panel was interesting, it's hard to think too much about it since I don't yet know the show.

One thing I have to say that I loved about all of this is that the writers and showrunners are truly the stars. I couldn't help but notice that the actors and actresses said very little and that most questions were for the writers. I love that!

So even without being a total comic geek, I still had the sense that these were my people today. :) I met a lot of interesting people and learned a lot. And it was good fun.

But I'm dead exhausted. So if you read this thanks for reading! (btw, the title is what someone I met called Comic Con...not me!)


Anonymous said...

So jealous you got to see PACEY WITTER in real life!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did you go to the Octagon Global Recruiting booth?

Amy said...

And boy no one let him forget about Pacey! ;)

I didn't go to the Octagon Recruiting booth b/c I heard it was crazy busy...they showed us the test during the panel anyway. It was pretty funny.

Anonymous said...

I don't know much about ComicCon. Can anyone go, or are there credentials you have to get?

Anonymous said...

We call it the Nerd Prom at work. Sure wish I had been able to go! Maybe one year :)

Glad you had fun!

euphrony said...

I have a friend who is at ComicCon most years. He's really into it, though - has his own comic book and label (running around a half-dozen series), had dinner at Skywalker Ranch, his daughter once rudely interrupted Jeffrey Katzenberg, and he was almost attacked by secret police while stalking Arnold Schwarzenegger through the President Bush library. He leads an interesting life.

Thomas said...

Last Saturday when I turned on the news they were doing a story about Comic Con. Since you mentioned in an earlier post that you were heading to San Diego, I figured that you were going to Comic Con. Did you find a graphic novels that interest you while there?. The church that I attend is giving away graphic novel Bible. I still am not sure if that is a good ideal.


Amy said...

Paul...yes anyone can go..Comic-Con is all about the fans!

Vader's Mom---wish you'd been there!

Euphrony...yeah I'm not that much into it. Sounds like your friend has some good stories, though.

Thomas...I'm going to start with Watchmen. A graphic novel Bible sounds..interesting. I used to have one of sorts when I was little and i loved it.

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