Thursday, July 24, 2008


I had an unexpected day today. Yesterday I noticed my brakes were grinding so I had to go get them fixed. I hate that, wasting a precious day of paid time off on a task like this, but my neighbor told me I really shouldn't wait and I plan to drive to San Diego this weekend, so I know he's right.

However, that allowed me the chance to listen to Charley's radio show. And hear Brody say amazing a lot, and me say "actually" a lot. And laugh. A lot.

Now I will have more empathy for my students when I record them reading and understand if they don't want to hear it back! (though it's always the coolest part for me--to hear the improvement)

Thanks Charley for the interview and for all you are doing to promote the 40 Day Fast!


Anonymous said...

The interview was great, good job!

I am so intimidated... I've got mine to record tonight!

euphrony said...

Me, I listen to Kat's after I talked with Charley and figured out that I said a lot of the same things as she did. We both even used "cathartic" to describe our blogging.

(I can't listen online, and I can't even get the podcasts while I'm at work. And when I get home I'm usually too busy and forget.)

Anonymous said...

I'm with you. Auto repair is a pain. :)

Anonymous said...

I thought that it was excellent! I really appreciate you coming on the show. I spoke with a couple of people after the show today and the consensus was that you have a great laugh!!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted you to know that I was working on your "list" for tomorrow. I'll post it in the morning. Hope you like it!

Amy said...

Thanks Kristin! Can't wait to hear yours!

Euphrony, I think it will be available in podcast later, but I won't be crushed if you don't listen. ;)

J.Kaye...I know :( And always so expensive.

Charley...Thanks! Did you get my emails about re-recording the lost portion? Just let me know.

Jen..I can't believe it's my turn already!

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